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Single Leg Balance with Ball Throw

General Overview:

This is a more advanced exercise, so you shouldn't attempt it until you've already mastered the Single Leg Balance. The purpose is to increase strength and proprioception (balance) in your lower extremities.

Why do this Exercise?

Increase strength and balance in your lower extremities. This will assist with increasing joint stability in the knee joint.

Detailed Description

Ball such as a basketball, softball, or tennisball
Start by lifting your uninjured leg into the air and balancing on your injured leg with your knee slightly bent.
Toss the ball back and forth with a partner or bounce it against a wall to yourself, all while maintaining your balance.

Additional Information:

Do not continue this exercise if there is pain, swelling or a significant increase in skin temperature (skin becomes hot/warm to the touch). Keep in mind that each person is different and you must modify your activity according to the feedback your body provides. If you feel your muscles getting fatigued (a good thing) and you begin losing control (leg begins twitching) stop and return to the exercise at another time.
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About Recovery
This exercise is recommended for intermediate/advanced stage rehabilitation of an injured or post-surgical knee.
This exercise can also be included into a general fitness program to develop strength and balance and prevent injury.


By lyfboat
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