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Step Up

General Overview:

This exercise is intended to increase strength and proprioception (balance) within the lower extremity.

Why do this Exercise?

To increase proprioception and strength within the lower extremity. This will assist with increasing joint stability within the knee joint.

Detailed Description

Book, block, or stair.
Standing behind the object with your hand on your hips.
Lead with the injured leg, stepping onto the object and pushing all of your weight onto your injured leg and pulling your uninjured leg up onto the object. You should not be pushing off of your uninjured leg at all. All of the work should be done by your injured leg. Then step off of the object with your uninjured leg and pull your injured leg back to the starting position. Rest for three to five seconds and then repeat.

Additional Information:

Higher objects are harder, so you're going to want to start with shorter objects and work your way up. This exercise should only be performed within a pain free range of motion. You should feel tension within your muscles but not sharp pain within your knee joint. Do not continue this exercise if there is pain, swelling or a significant increase in skin temperature (skin becomes hot/warm to the touch). The recommended repetitions are here to serve as guideline. Keep in mind that each person is different and you must modify your activity according to the feedback your body provides. Do not perform this exercise on a soft surface (i.e. bed) because it will not achieve the desired results. Do not use quick jerky movements with this exercise; it is intended to be performed in a slow and controlled motion.
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About Recovery
This exercise is recommended for intermediate stage rehabilitation of an injured or post-surgical knee.
This exercise can also be included into a general fitness program to develop strength, increase joint stability and prevent injury.


By lyfboat
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By tblair

Posted: May 23, 2017
 I understand DR Dunn has retired from medicine..Does anyone know of any other doctor who is doing IAGH injections ?

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