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Hikers and climbers can be affected both by acute knee injuries resulting from a fall and by chronic injuries resulting from overuse. Learn more about hiking injuries and prevention.

Common Hiking and Climbing Injuries

In general, the most severe hiking and climbing injuries occur as the result of a slip or fall, but even careful hikers can suffer from overuse injuries.  Hiking, especially downhill, impacts the knees, which can lead to tiredness and inflammation.  Rock climbing puts rotational stress on the knees, which can lead to meniscal tears.

Some of the most common hiking and climbing injuries include:

For a complete list of knee-related injuries, diagnostics, and therapies, visit our Education Center.

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Featured Patient Story
Knee Pain While Hiking

I have a pain that radiates down from my knee on the outside of my leg. It feels like it is at a diagonal from my knee for 4 - 6 inches. With the pain, it feels like my knee wants to give way. It happens if I'm hiking downhill or jar my knee. I want to go backpacking, but I don't think I could go downhill with a heavy pack. I have not sustained any kind of injury or impact. It just started doing this all of a sudden. What could possibly be the problem and treatment?

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