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A Knee Perspective

Benefits of Water Aerobics

A Knee Perspective
By: LisaMM

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Posted: Oct 5, 2009 11:44
  • Benefits of Water Aerobics

    I've always loved water sports. I was on a swim team for years, and I've tried all types of water activities - water polo, crew, kayaking, surfing. In the water, above the water, it doesn't matter. I've liked them all.

    One class I have not tried yet is water aerobics. But it's definitely on my to-do list. I've heard it's a great work-out and it's easy your joints. So what exactly are the benefits of exercising in the water?

    For people with knee pain or arthritis, water aerobics provides a good workout without putting stress on the joints. This is because water's buoyancy can support most of the body's weight. You can even add weights to your ankles to intensify the workout without harming your knees.

    In addition, water's resistance forces your muscles to work harder, making for a more effective workout. The numbers I saw say that walking on land for 30 minutes can burn 135 calories, while walking in deep water for the same time can burn 264 calories. Similarly, jogging on land for 30 minutes burns 240 calories; the same amount of deep water jogging burns 340 calories.

    In other words, water aerobics combines stress-free movement with an intense workout. That sounds pretty good to me - I think I may have found my next water sport!  Here are some tips for exercising in the water, from the Creighton University Medical Center:

    ·         Exercise in navel- to chest-deep water.

    ·         Place your entire foot on the bottom of the pool.

    ·         Keep your abdominal and gluteal muscles tight and your spine neutral, with your hips slightly forward and your back straight, but not arched.

    ·         Wear water shoes for better traction and to protect your feet from rough pool surfaces.

    ·         Add equipment such as weights or water gloves, water paddles, or aquatic hand buoys if the exercise is too easy.


    If you're looking for some more info about water exercise, this website seems like a good place to start: http://www.calainc.org/indexslide.htm.

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  • By: Notyetagolfpro: Oct, 19, 2009 16:13 PM

    Also, if you go to any community pool, mid-day, you are more than likely to see elderly folks exercising in the water as i is good for both the muscles and the joints.    I know a 93 yr. ol man who does this several times a week- his joints are great, no canes or walkers ...just a hearing aid.    He even conducts water therapy classes for folks with muscle wasting/ cerebral palsy!    

    By: Notyetagolfpro: Oct, 09, 2009 18:11 PM

    Also, many PT programs post a TKR recommend water-based rehab for precisely the reasons you laid out.   Important that the water be warm though and not cold which tightens your muscles.   Also have to wait for appropriate wound closure (ie- doctor go ahead).   

    Question to everyone reading this- any experience with rehab in salt water?    Wondering if you can start there earlier as salt water has wound healing properties-


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