Chondral Transplantation

Also known as Cartilage Transplantation.

Chondral Transplantation is accomplished with various procedures. Mosaicplasty, or Autologous Chondrocyte implantation are the procedures commonly used.

The cartilage surface, along with the normal joint fluid of the knee, provides nearly frictionless knee motion. The cartilage surface is technically called the chondral surface, which is why the terms are interchangeable. Degeneration of the knee cartilage is a painful process that is usually slow and widespread within the knee. Occasionally, there is only a small, focal area of cartilage wear or injury. This is sometimes seen following an acute trauma. These isolated lesions are sometimes treated with cartilage transplantation.

Detailed Description
Orthopedic Surgeon

The mosaicplasty procedure was originally performed by taking small cylindrical plugs of bone with attached cartilage surface and placing them in the defect. Packing them close together allows reformation of the cartilage surface. These plugs come from the inner aspect of the same knee that is being treated. They do not come from the major area of weightbearing and it is believed, at least with short-term follow up, that there is no permanent damage caused in the area from which the plugs are taken.

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