Strong Knees Make for Smooth Skiing

Topic Title: Strong Knees Make for Smooth Skiing
Created On: 10/17/2006 02:43 PM

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 09/15/2013 12:12 PM

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I've had that happen to me - though from playing basketball rather than skiing.You HAVE TO PROTECT THAT KNEE! If there's no pain, it means you probably didn't do any serious injury to it - though it may be worth a checkup just in case.For your knee's sake, wrap it, brace it, or use a support to ensure that you don't injure it worse. ACE bandages are pretty useful in this case, though you may want to use a knee brace. Stay away from sports until you feel it's stable again.
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 10/17/2006 02:43 PM

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today I twisted my foot playing tennis and fell on the outside of my right knee. I felt it kind of pop and move sideways. I don't have any real pain in it but it has no stability when I move side to side but walking it just feels tender. Any ideas?? I know I didn't tear anything because that hurts like hell and this is just a slight tender feeling but the lack of stabilty is scaring me.
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