Impact injuries

Topic Title: Impact injuries
Created On: 11/24/2009 08:29 AM

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 01/27/2014 02:24 PM

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That's a really interesting point, AI.

I know a lot of skiing injuries are wear and tear injuries from improper form. Pointing your toes inwards when skiing downhill definitely leads to an injury and strain, as the knees aren't designed to be strong when pointed in that direction.

Snowboarding could be considered safer, though I have heard tell that skiing is easier to master than snowboarding. Remember that most of the injuries sustained in snow sports is from falling, so the sport that is easier to learn means fewer falls in the long run.

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 11/24/2009 08:29 AM

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When it come to snowboarding and knee injuries, the most frequent, I would say, are impact injuries. Because both legs are attached to one deck in such a way, this makes turning a knee much harder to do, than in skiing for instance. Much more common for snowboarders is an impact injury to the knee. For instance, casing or clearing the landing to a table, drops without nice transitions, rails, boxes, etc. are all things that would cause knee pain/injury because you would either be landing too hard and your knees/ankles would be taking the brunt of the impact, or the knee itself would be hitting directly a rail/box if you slide off and hit it or land on the ground. If you have weak knees and are looking to get into a winter sport, you are much less likely to turn a knee snowboarding as opposed to skiing, simply because of the nature of the sport.
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