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Topic Title: Problems after partial meniscectomy
Created On: 08/21/2016 06:03 AM
 08/21/2016 06:03 AM

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<p>&#160;Hi guys. I want to share my story and pain with you and hopefully hear your stories or advice, either on a patient or a professional level.[br][br]4 monts ago I injured my knee when doing a broad jump. My doctor told me he thinks its a partial lateral meniscus tear, tried a conservative method - immobilizing the knee for a month, then donig therapy so it can rest and then strengthen it back up. It was better, but not as good as it needed to be. So I underwent MRI, meniscus tear was confirmed AND a "partially damaged ACL" (?) I was scheduled for an arthroscopic knee surgery. During the surgery I was awake and my doctor was telling me everything he was seeing with the arthroscope. He told me he was gonna remove a small part of the meniscus in the area that it was torn. He confirmed that my ACL is partially damaged - he said it's overstretched or something, meaning it could easily tear if I do some quick twisting in the knee like in football, ski, basketball etc.. [br]It's been nearly 4 weeks after my surgery. I used crutches the first 10 days, the doctor told me I was recovering well because there wasn't any swelling or too much pain. I used only one crutch for the next 3-4 days and starting walking slowly without any on around the 15th day. During all of those days the only excercise he gave me is "sit on a chair, place a 0.5kg - 1kg weight bag on your foot and slowly lift it up" - this was to strengthen the quad that was still really weak after my immobilization from before. I felt good doing it, went up to 2 kg on weight with the excercise, he told me to go up when I feel better. He told me to straigthen my leg when i start walking which was sometimes quite painful, I felt sharp pain under my patella, which was probably normal because it went away as fast as it came. The knee was lightly swollen only in the stitches' areas it wasnt anything serious. One morning when I woke up, my knee was 90 degrees and while slowly putting it down it popped for the first time since the operation. It wasnt like painful, it felt more like sensitive and it felt like a relief. After that, when walking I felt a little pain in the area of the tear. What's starting to scare me that since then it pops quite often, even though not painful. But walking down the stairs is a bit more painful then before and my quad muscle and top side of the knee feel really tired or sore or stiff I don't know how to name it, it's like it's tired from running. I have been really conservative in my time of recovery and I don't know it is possible to reatear it. I havent walked much nor have I put any pressure on it, but from that pop and the pain during excercise (it wasnt sharp it was more like getting stronger the more reps i do) the knee and quad feel really tired and stiff/sore I dont know how to say it. I would be glad to hear your replies, thank you.</p>


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