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FDA Cleared Treatment Aimed At Helping Those With Knee Pain

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FDA Cleared Treatment Aimed At Helping Those With Knee Pain

June 13, 2011

Source: NY Rehab

For more than 10 Million Americans, Osteoarthritis of the knee makes simply getting out of bed in the morning uncomfortable; going up or down the stairs is time consuming and painful. Until recently, treatments included over-the-counter pain medications which after becoming ineffective gave way to prescription medications – and ultimately knee surgery. But many patients have discovered an alternative, non-surgical solution for their knee pain associated with Osteoarthritis: Knee Arthritis Program at NY Rehab.

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  • Osteoarthritis is a disease that causes the knee cartilage to wear away, but there may be a solution with out surgery.
  • Dr. Zelefsky offers the Knee Arthritis Program at NY Rehab.
  • Learn a patients story of a pain-free knee.
  • Osteoarthritis (OA) is also known as "wear and tear" arthritis. It is a disease that causes the knee cartilage to wear away. As OA progresses, the knee joint becomes irritated and inflamed causing pain,stiffness, and a decrease in knee motion. There are a number of risk factors for OA. They include: family history of arthritis, obesity (even a mild degree of excess body weight contributes to this disease), over use of the knee, and job or sports related injury to the joint.

    For Lorraine Ganz, her knee pain led to Osteoarthritis. It gradually changed her lifestyle; activities decreased –and the things she used to enjoy, she couldn’t do anymore. But in 2009 Lorraine was told she would require knee replacement surgery; a step she was not ready to take. And then Lorraine heard about the Knee Arthritis Program that Dr. Zelefsky offers at NY Rehab. The Knee Arthritis Program at NY Rehab is a safe and effective alternative to painful and risky knee replacement surgery. It is a five week plan that combines hyaluronan replacement therapy, a personalized physical therapy plan, and a home exercise regimen.

    Lorraine is now pain-free until and will simply continue her home exercises. When asked what she will be doing this year, Lorraine replied, "I think I’m going to start playing tennis and bowling again."

    Lorraine Ganz isn’t the only one, you can also experience a pain-free life with the new FDA Approved Non-Surgical Treatment for Knee Pain; hundreds of others in the New York / Queens area have found relief from their knee arthritis pain thanks to this alternative treatment. Dr. Zelefsky has performed thousands of knee injections since beginning the Knee Arthritis Program in 2008. For more information or if you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr Zelefsky at NY Rehab we have two locations, Astoria, Queens and Valley Stream, Long Island or give us a call at 718-956-6565.

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