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Despite Injuries, Faulk Decides to Play

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Despite Injuries, Faulk Decides to Play

Despite Injuries, Faulk Decides to Play

November 03, 2000
By Tom Keppeler, Knee1 Staff

St. Louis Rams' running back Marshall Faulk decided Thursday to play the rest of the National Football League season, despite evidence of a ravaged knee.

Faulk underwent an MRI earlier this week, which confirmed that he had loose cartilage, scar tissue and a bruised bone in his ailing right knee, according to the Associated Press. Though questions have arisen about Faulk's tenacity, many suspect the rumbles to be quieted by his latest decision. "It's been said I don't like to run the ball inside, but I run to where I see daylight," Faulk told the Associated Press. "...I'm not going to run into a brick wall."

Faulk leads the league in scoring with 88 points, first downs, with 68, and touchdowns, with 14. He scored a career best in last week's game against the San Francisco 49ers by running in four touchdowns.

Faulk's doctor's considered whether to curb the running back for the season, or to inject him with a synthetic fluid (possibly Synvisc or Hyalgan Injection) to reduce the pain and swelling. They decided against both. Playing active sports—especially high-impact sports like football—is not recommended after a cartilage-tearing injury. The decision, ultimately, was Faulk's, however. "He's one of those tough guys," quarterback Trent Green told the AP. "He's one of them that really steps up and understands what this game's about.

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