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8th grade football player with OCD

8th grade football player with OCD

8th grade football player with OCD
By: cyndyrr327

My son is 14 and was diagnosed in Nov. 2016 with OCD in the left knee. He is a die hard football and basketball player and plays soccer as well. The 3 opinions we got were all so different that we picked the one with the least invasive procedures. We want to go with the PRP shots. He is in no pain, but also hasn't played sports for 3 months now. His OCD is stage 4 (meaning the piece of cartilage has broken off and is floating around - although he feels it's found a spot and is re-attaching). The doctor that recommends the PRP says that they would prefer not to do it at his age because it can stop his growth. So we are hoping he has no pain until he's grown a few more inches. So, my question is - Has anyone on here who is an adult done only PRP? If so, how are you now?

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