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Chronic Swelling Patient Stories

L&R Knee Swelling, Treated with meds then herbs

Chronic Swelling Patient Stories
Compiled by Knee1 Editorial Team

Formerly known as "Patient Stories", this blog features first-hand accounts of users who have dealt with chronic swelling, or "Water on the Knee"

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L&R Knee Swelling, Treated with meds then herbs - Mar 15
I first began having swelling problems in my knees when I was 17. With no warning, they just began collecting fluid with no pain, just caused mobility problems. I had no ...
Knee swelling 5 - Feb 09
I have had surgery on both my knees. My left knee was done in 2001, and the other was done in 2005. On my left knee the doctor told me that I had a torn meniscus. On my ...
Swelling--Mysteries, Possibilities - Mar 09
Hello! I came looking for clues about my own right-knee swelling, which has escalated during the past year from intermittent, activity-aggravated, and responsive-to-ice-and-Ibuprofin...to ...
Knee Dislocation - Feb 06
I dislocated my knee in a fall in my kitchen in Aug. 2004...simple as that. I'm a nurse & was aware immediately of what I'd done. Very painful to say the least. The knee ...
Knee Swelling 4 - May 31
My wife’s knee started swelling on-and-off approximately 3 years ago in 2001. Doctors could not find anything wrong with her knees or any blood disorders. She stopped taking ...
Posted: Mar 15, 2006 3:06
  • L&R Knee Swelling, Treated with meds then herbs
    I first began having swelling problems in my knees when I was 17. With no warning, they just began collecting fluid with no pain, just caused mobility problems. I had no prior knee injuries or pain. I am 22 years old now and I have had a large amount of fluid on my knees every day since I was 17. After about a year of swelling, I started having mild to moderate pain and began seeing a rheumatologist. All the tests came back negative but he diagnosed me with seronegative spondyloarthopathy and "arthritis of unknown cause". He aspirated my knees (750cc total), gave me the cortisone shot and I began taking different NSAIDs, and a chemo-type medication (Methotrexate). The swelling and pain was slightly responsive to the meds in slowing their actual growth, but not responsive enough to keep my knees from eventually becoming enormous. After aspiration, my knees would be back to their normal size the next day. I continued to take the meds for two years to see if it would eventually have an effect. The medicine had no real effect other than make me sick and tired 24/7. After I began having jaundice-like symptoms, I discontinued seeing my rheumatologist and quit taking the meds. The swelling continued to worsen, and x-rays showed that almost all of the cartilage in my knees had deteriorated. I am in severe pain and have busted blood vessels all along the sides of my knees and I occasionally have numbness in my feet from the swelling. The last time I had them aspirated in the E.R., they removed 900cc from my right knee alone. I'm completely miserable but I have hope now. I found a local herbalist who decided to help me treat my problem. I was told by him that the problem was due to my digestive system not being in good condition and since it was the means of getting nutrients, it was not supplying my body with what it needed to repair itself. I began to eat healthier, and I began taking Burdock (for detox), Food Enzymes (digestive support), IF-C (chinese anti-inflammatory), and Glucosamine Chondroitin (rebuild cartilage). The results have been positive so far. The pain is still unbearable, but my knees are starting to get smaller and less feverish. Overall I feel alot better in general. One day I was actually able to kneel and put pressure on my knees for the first time since I was 17 without too much pain. And best of all, the herbs I've been taking have caused no negative side effects what so ever unlike my meds. My herbalist is happy with the results I'm having and said that I should be relieved of some of my pain when more of the damage is repaired. It appears that I have found a way to treat my problem easily and naturally. My doc recommended double knee replacement. I definetely like my herbalist's method a lot better. I would strongly recommend this form of therapy to anyone. I've been tested over and over and have been to many different doctors (none could help me). This is actually helping.
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