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Hip Replacement Surgery In India - Travcure

Rotator Cuff Repair In Delhi With The Latest Technology

Hip Replacement Surgery In India - Travcure
By: ayubasad

The hip joint is one of the more important weight-bearing joints in the body and is responsible for facilitating our common everyday physical activities such as standing, walking and running. This is a type of ‘ball and socket’ joint which consist of the acetabulum (pelvic bone) socket and the ‘ball’ end of the femoral head (upper portion of the thigh bone). This vital joint may get damaged or disabled due to a severe injury, bone degenerative disease (arthritis) or any other medical disorder as well as the wear and tear seen normally as a sign of aging. A total hip replacement surgery is often advised as a way to improve stability and strength to the hip region and to restore normal functioning of the hip joint. This is done by replacing the hip joint components, such as the femoral head and acetabulum, are replaced with medical prosthesis made of ceramic, metal and plastic or a mixture of these. This surgery also replaces the damaged cartilage with new material for reconstruction of the hip joint. The surgery can be performed as a conventional ‘open-type’ surgery or it may be performed using minimally invasive methods such as an ‘arthroscopy’. The aim of the hip replacement surgery is to remove the damaged bone parts from the femoral head and the acetabulum as well as any other debris in case of a fracture. The orthopedic surgeon will then place the prosthesis in a stable way by using bone cement. The prosthesis includes replacement for the femoral head and the acetabulum (ball and socket) portion as well as a plastic liner to provide cushioning and smooth movement of the joint in place of the damaged cartilage. The minimally invasive method requires lesser number of incisions as well as smaller (keyhole) incisions and also has a faster recovery period. Travcure Medical Tourism Consultants provide every conceivable medical treatment and surgical method of treatment for all types of medical disorders at the most budgeted price at the best healthcare facilities.

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Posted: May 11, 2016 3:06
  • Rotator Cuff Repair In Delhi With The Latest Technology


    Rotator cuff repair is a surgery used to repair a torn tendon in the shoulder. A rotator cuff injury occurs when the supporting tendons in the shoulder joint get severely damaged. Rotator cuff injury can be treated with surgical and non-surgical procedure in case if the non-surgical methods of treating a rotator cuff injury fail to correct the problems of the patients then rotator cuff surgery is used to remedy it and regain the strength and the movement in the injured shoulder. There are three common techniques used to repair a rotator cuff tear open repair, arthroscopy and mini open repair. The type of technique used to repair rotator cuff varies from person to person. Orthopedic surgeries can be expensive to treat but Travcure medical tourism consultants offers best deals to their patients for orthopedic surgeries. Healthcare facilities in Delhi are equipped with the latest technology. Rotator cuff repair surgery is also treated with latest technology and equipment in healthcare facilities in Delhi.  A wide range of services including treatment, pre/post operation, fixing appointments with doctors, checkups, food, visit to exotic locations and accommodations are provided by Travcure. Travcure aims at providing their patients with the best assistance. 

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