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Knee Deep

A False Start

Knee Deep
By: AmariT

My adventures with knee health.

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A False Start - Jan 08
Over the years, the most common excuse I've used for not exercising is that I didn't want to hurt myself. Athletes are more likely to have serious injuries than non athletes, ...
Posted: Jan 8, 2013 16:41
  • A False Start
    Over the years, the most common excuse I've used for not exercising is that I didn't want to hurt myself. Athletes are more likely to have serious injuries than non athletes, and doing nothing has always felt safer to me than doing something that might risk my health. Of course, not exercising is can also be a serious health threat, so I'm trying to create a health plan, but I'm trying to be smart about it. 

    My most common concern is taking care of my knees. My knees already often feel sore or stressed, even with just walking. The last time I had a reasonably successful running program, I stopped because of sore knees and a fear that I would irreversably ruin my knees. 

    A friend of mine has recommended that I start with strengthening my knees, and continue doing knee exercises as I further my exercise program. Do you guys have any recommendations for good knee exercises? 
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  • By: smershman: Oct, 28, 2013 22:46 PM
    Hey AmariT,

    The best thing you can do, as previous people have recommended, is to avoid high impact exercise that can stimulate and cause inflamation your knees. Keep in mind that you can do a light jog a few times a week, but swimming and water aerobics are great exercises for keeping that heart rate up and that knee pain low.

    My brother is a runner, so most of his cardio comes from running distance; however, he has horrible knees. When he is not running, he is swimming to cease the inflamation in his knees, while still working those core muscles. He often takes an ice bath, which really helps too but use them sparingly. Check out this article to be safe and learn the benefits of ice baths -http://www.runnersworld.com/injury-prevention-recovery/two-studies-back-benefits-of-ice-baths

    By: andy.peloquin: Oct, 01, 2013 15:29 PM
    You should look into the elliptical machine and the recumbent bike as your ideal cardio workouts, and do low-weight, high-rep workouts.

    The recumbent bike is easy on the knees, and it takes the weight off them. You're sitting upright rather than leaning forward, so there's less knee strain.

    The elliptical machine is like walking, but there's little or no impact. You'll find that it can even work out your upper body as well!

    Do some training for your legs in the 20 to 25 repetition range. Keep the weight as light as possible, and do squats, lunges, leg presses, calf raises, leg extensions, and leg curls. You'll strengthen your knees without adding too much weight to it. 

    By: AmariT: Feb, 07, 2013 17:14 PM
    Thanks! I'm actually a fan of swimming, but unfortunately the gym near me doesn't have a pool. I was on the swim team for years growing up. 

    I tried out biking the other day. It wasn't bad so I'll give it another shot.  

    By: Notyetagolfpro: Jan, 14, 2013 19:49 PM
    If you are concerned about the wear and tear on your knees, you should lay off impact exercises.   Follow the same rules as with recovery from knee replacements- go low-impact!   

    That means exercises like bike riding (but not BMX), swimming, rollerblading, etc.   Not running, basketball, raquetball, etc...   Water aerobics is particularly good, I've heard (although personally I find it a bit boring ;)  ).   

    More important, though, is to do something vs. nothing... :) 


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