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Knee Replacement Patient Stories

tkr not healing

Knee Replacement Patient Stories
Compiled by Knee1 Editorial Team

Formerly known as "Patient Stories", this blog features first-hand accounts of users who have dealt with Knee Replacement, or Arthroplasty.

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The last time I wrote Knee 1 was in April 2006. And I am still suffering and feel like no one is listening. My doctor kept on telling me the pain would get better with time. ...
bilateral tkr having heel pain - Jun 30
I bit the bullit and had both knees replaced on June 13-06. I am overweight and had been told to loose weight and wait till I was 60 by several doctors but the bone on bone ...
Posted: Jul 26, 2005 2:58
  • tkr not healing
    after many years of pain i decided to go ahead with tkr in my right knee,the 2nd day post-op at pt,the therapist refused my plea for her to stop bending my knee over the tube shaped pillow and ended up tearing my quad. after she tore the muscle"(i heard the "pop"as did she,no apolagy,no nothing,just a trip back to my room),i went too the er(same hospital)where i was told it was torn,i had severe pain,swealing etcetc,and was told by my os that he didnt think it was torn. my knee doesnt bend beyond 30/35 degrees,it swells as soon as i apply any wieght and the kicker,the pt now is applying "shock" therapy via a battery operated gizmo to "fire" the quad that they claim was never torn or damaged. its been 2 months,i feel a physical obstruction that i do not believe to be scar tissue,i cannot get a straight answer from any doctor or pt,seems legal action may be my only recourse here and i wish it didnt have to come to that. i simply want my knee to work,so i can get back to work and feed my family,so any doctor out there who may be reading this,think it through,see it from MY perspective,and email me why i shouldnt pursue this legally. (i am more than happy to email a more detailed account of my expieriance should the need arise)
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