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Knee Pain Loves Women


I like doing research and writing about health news!

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Knee Pain Loves Women - Mar 10
The MetroSouth Medical Center has a really interesting new campaign about knees. The campaign is called “Knee Pain Loves Women” and it’s an effort to help ...
Posted: Mar 10, 2010 12:14
  • Knee Pain Loves Women

    The MetroSouth Medical Center has a really interesting new campaign about knees. The campaign is called “Knee Pain Loves Women” and it’s an effort to help women who experience painful knees and osteoarthritis.

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    The campaign is in response to the growing number of women who struggle with knee pain – which occurs more often than knee pain in men. Women with knee pain have a hard time with daily activities. The instances of knee pain seems to have to do with the way women’s legs are structured – perhaps to allow for pregnancy and bearing the weight of a fetus. Researchers have found that women who have strong quadriceps tend to have less knee osteoarthritis symptoms. Doctors think conditioning especially in quadriceps-building can help in preventing against knee pain. Learn more here.

    As a part of their campaign, during March and April, the MetroSouth Medical Center is offering a “complimentary tool kit for women who want to strengthen their hamstring/quads and prevent or eliminate knee pain. The kit consists of a strengthening band and a helpful card that explains five simple, at-home exercises. It is available in the gift shop in the hospital’s main lobby.” You can also get a copy of the kit by sending your name and address in an email to: [email protected].

    Women who want knee pain tips can also attend sessions at four of the different MetroSouth Health Center. If you attend you will work with exercise specialists who will show participants how to do pain-reducing hamstring and thigh strengthening exercises. These specialists will also give away strength bands and exercise cards. You can also meet with doctors who will help diagnose any serious knee problems you may have.

    Something that I thought was especially great was that the MSMC is going to offer 100 free knee xrays to women aged 40+ who have a history of knee problems. If you have had three or more of these symptoms: knee pain, stiffness, swelling, catching, locking/giving way and loss of motion. If you’re interested – you can call MetroSouth Health Center community event or a knee screening at708.489.7927.

    I think more hospitals around the US should take a hint from the campaign and offer versions of it elsewhere so more women (and men) can learn about healthy knees and receive treatment if they are experiencing continual knee pain. Would you participate?

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  • By: Notyetagolfpro: Sep, 02, 2013 10:12 AM
    debragrant, Are you saying that your 7 yr old knee injury (what kind?) is getting worse?  Or that it got worse, but that you used a herbal treatment (which was?) that helped relieve the pain?   Not sure I understood your post...  NYAGP 

    By: : Aug, 31, 2013 08:18 AM
    Hi, I am 30 years old. I had a knee injury when I was 23 years. Now I am getting trouble with that and unable to walk due to soreness in the joint. I taken herbal treatment which helped in repairing my knee joints. I was totally free from the joint soreness and gave a complete change with which now I am able to go for walk, gardening and even able to ride my bike.

    By: ppatel24: Aug, 10, 2011 10:55 AM
    I looked up and image that shows all the parts of a knee, which is right below. I was just wondering, which knee part can cause the most pain/be the most dangerous when injured?

    By: amontemayor: Apr, 26, 2010 14:24 PM
    I would definitely participate because not only does osteoarthiris run in my family, but both of my grandmothers have hade knee replacements for both knees. So I am always consulting my doctor on ways to obtain calcium (I am not a fan of milk or yogurt). I have not talked to her about a knee screening but I definitely will during my next physical.

    Here is what a healthy knee and a knee with osteoarthritis looks like:

    By: Knee1Editor: Mar, 22, 2010 17:11 PM

    RunnersHigh: You may be interested to learn that female athletes are actually eight times more likely to suffer from knee injuries than male athletes. We published a feature article about it back in 2007.  You can read it here:


    By: RunnersHigh: Mar, 16, 2010 16:09 PM

    Interesting and odd! Did anybody notice how many health awareness projects for women exist??? I always thought that orthopedic issues, in particular knee problems are more common in the male part of the population. Though women are probably more concerned about their health and the health of their family. Nevertheless, should not these awareness projects then focus on men, since they often hesitate to get a preventive screenings etc.?

    I would definitely participate in an event (for men and women) in my area.


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