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Meniscus Injury Patient Stories

Torn Meniscus 3

Meniscus Injury Patient Stories
Compiled by Knee1 Editorial Team

Formerly known as "Patient Stories", this blog features first-hand accounts of users who have dealt with meniscus injury and repair.

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Torn Meniscus 3 - Aug 27
Hi, I'm 39yr old female who has been having swelling in both of my legs and ankles for the last six months,one day my knee started to hurt felt like it was twisting when ...
meniscus repair 2 - Feb 15
One week ago i had arthroscopy surgery to take out the torn meniscus in both knees and the doctor found a lot of arthritis also which he did nothing about. he said that i ...
Arthroscopic Surgery on Meniscus Tear - Oct 05
I had a tear in the meniscus which went all the way through. Had arthroscopic surgery a week ago today (9/28/06) and my knee felt good after the operation for 3 days; then ...
Meniscus Tear 2 - Jun 23
Fell down a few steps at age 70. Never had any previous knee problems. Scheduled for surgery as the MRI showed a tear in the meniscus and possible tear or sprain in the ...
No Choice - Jun 07
I am very active with daily workouts which include spin class, step aroebics and weight lifting classes at my gym. I tore my meniscus in February and held my workouts ...
Posted: Aug 27, 2007 6:44
  • Torn Meniscus 3
    Hi, I'm 39yr old female who has been having swelling in both of my legs and ankles for the last six months,one day my knee started to hurt felt like it was twisting when I would walk(did not do anything to injuire it,pain in knee came on suddenly)the next day my knee was completely swollen and in extreme pain along with both legs,ankles,and feet swollen to the point where it felt like my skin couldn't stregth any futher. Had my heart checked it was good then had bone scan done which showed a blood pool in both knees with the left having more, they both showed increased uptake in both knees, possibile arthritis in knees it said so then appointment with rheumatologist. MRI on left knee showed a torn meniscus, three separate times my right ankle has swellen up red and painful to the point to where I am unable to walk went to ER twice cause I couldn't handle the pain, last time went to rheumatologist wanted her to see what I was talking about had blood work done and an MRI that day. MRI said. 1.diffused subcutaneous edema. 2.mild subchondral cystic changes in the talus. 3.mild tenosynovitis involving the peroneal and posterior tibial tendon. 4.small benign appering lipoma in the medial plantar aspect of the hindfoot. 5.large amount of edema within the subcutaneous fat at the dorsum of the foot. blood showed my c-reactive protein H 2.1/ reference range 0.0-0.5mg/dl My knee was feeling ok and the swelling in legs,ankles,feet had finally gone away(on it's own) but two days ago my knee started to hurt and now the pain in my knee is to the point where i can't tolerate it taken pentazocine for pain but nothing is helping and it seems when I lie down the pain gets worse can't really sleep cause of pain tried heating pad felt good at first but then the pain seemed to intensified from the warmth. DR. hasn't came up with anything , have had numness in right hand pain in right knee and elbows as well. Fells like something is traveling all through my body. My mom has rheumatoid arthritis as well as my grandma and greatgrandma. Wondering if anyone could give some advise my DR doesn't seem to be helping me wonder if i should see a different doctor. Please would appreciate any advise or to know if anyone has similar symptoms
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