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Pain & Torture

PT good

Pain & Torture
By: PeterZ

Pain & Torture or PT Physical Therapy is part of the recovery to any knee surgery be it replacement, arthroscopic or tissue damage. How was your PT and did it work? Did it last after PT was completed? What 's your story?

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PT good - Dec 11
My PT was 3 months long after "scope" surgery to a torn meniscus. Surgery went very well but Pain & Torture was nearly unbearable for the first two weeks. Mostly due ...
Posted: Dec 11, 2009 15:07
  • PT good

    My PT was 3 months long after "scope" surgery to a torn meniscus. Surgery went very well but Pain & Torture was nearly unbearable for the first two weeks. Mostly due to the several months between injury and surgery. The last few weeks of PT was working on balance issues and not favoring one leg or the other. I started to tell the therapists I would find out where they live and return the favor. Overall I came out PT better off then before my injury.


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  • By: : Sep, 29, 2013 19:27 PM

    Pain That Is Really Good

    When the journey first began, I thought that it would be a piece of cake.  Even the pain of the first weeks were reasonably expected.  It was after 12 weeks that I knew that pain would be a temporary friend.  

    The saying is true in that no pain means no glory.  I had to learn how to endure the pain.  The pain made me realize that pain has it's own purpose.  One of the purposes is to think about why pain even exist. 

    The lesson learned is pain teaches one patience.  Patience brings out our character.  I have learned to embrace the pain.  When I starting to embrace the pain, the pain slowly started to fall away. Now, the painful surgery  is history.  It is a history that I will always treasure.


    By: PeterZ: Dec, 21, 2009 12:17 PM

    JK it does take commitment to PT to recover from surgery. If you don't do the PT then the repair will end up NG. My injury lasted three months due to surgery timing & work schedule. My knee & leg muscles had to be retrained to work properly and that was the pain. A side benefit was a major improvement to my balance. When my balance seems to be off I know that is an early warning to do some more exercises. The human body can adapt to a situation to an unbelievable amount, problem is an injury can be also adapted to, hiding that injury. Sometimes you just have to take your medicine, you may be impressed with the results.

    Ditto on the sweatpants ;)

    By: spark: Dec, 18, 2009 11:24 AM

    haha- Will pajama bottoms work? jk :)

    hmm sweatpants are a great idea actually.. it makes so much sense! If only there was a way to get non-PT-undergoing-people to stop wearing them.. *sigh* I mean, not that there is anything wrong with wearing sweatpants or anything.. just not everyday please.. unless you're an athlete.. I feel like perhaps I can forvgive athletes in this instance.. hehe Anyway, sorry about rambling about sweatpants..

    On a more related note, I wish I was as motivated as you are about physical activity.. I mean, I haven't undergone any sort of surgery that requires PT, but even as a "healthy" adult, I find it very difficult to motivate myself to even walk from my apartment to my car.. haha If I could, I would have someone carry me. That may be a BIT of an exaggeration, but I do not kid when I say I am lazy.. so no.. sorry Peter, I will not drop down and give you ten.. :p

    By: PeterZ: Dec, 16, 2009 15:21 PM

    Remember all that one of the best gifts you can give anyone with knee surgery or who is going through PT are sweat pants. Jeans will rub you raw in PT and they are hard to get on when your knee doesn't bend. They are also good around the house especially if sweat pants are the first thing you put on before stretching. Now give me ten more before you take a break.


    By: PeterZ: Dec, 14, 2009 11:35 AM

    Hello Spark86,

    My surgery was 22 months ago with PT starting less than one week after surgery. That was a lot of ice for the first few times. I looked forward to therapy, pain is good, but the change in strength and flexibility was well worth it.I was going three times a week and then twice a week in the last month. I did continue my exercise routine for at least six month. Now I do it only once a week. Fortunately my office is on the second floor, so I climb the stairs about twenty times a day. I also take my dog for a mile walk. I agree you do need to keep up on some exercise program.

    By: spark: Dec, 11, 2009 16:57 PM

    Hi Peter!

    glad to know that you got out of PT in one piece.. :) How long ago was that?  I'm just curious as to how your healing is going post-PT.. hehe Have you been exercising the muscles since your surgery? I'm not sure if you read the Hero interview with Dr. Stone (http://www.knee1.com/Hero/Dr_Kevin_Stone) but he mentioned that one of the biggest mistakes that post-op patients make is that they do not remain active enough... I hope you don't make the same mistake, only because I'm sure you don't want to have to go through pain & torture again anytime soon.. ;)

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