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Patellafemoral Syndrome Patient Stories

PFS brace good or bad??

Patellafemoral Syndrome Patient Stories
Compiled by Knee1 Editorial Team

Formerly known as "Patient Stories", this blog features first-hand accounts of users who have dealt with Patellofemoral Syndrome (PFS).

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Patello Femoral Syndrome - May 11
Hi! I am 14 and have recieved both an x-ray and MRI of my knee. The doctors said that I ahev no structural damage. My PT said that my kneecap is too far up too far to the ...
Pain relievers to help with PFS pain - Feb 05
Does anyone know any effective balms/ creams (such as tiger balm joint cream, etc.) or dietary supplements/vitamins to help reduce the pain? I have to go through intense ...
Severe pfs both knees with bad hips and feet pain - Dec 10
Hi, my name is Tracy and in oct. of 2003, I was diagnosed with severe pfs both knees. I had always wondered why I was not able to squat, or do certain activities without ...
Patella Femoral Syndrome :( - Apr 06
I have been diagnosed with PFS about five years ago. At first the pain was bearable. Since then I have become even more active in sports, playing them constantly all year ...
PFS 10 - Feb 23
As Aviation Ordnanceman in the Navy, you're always lifting and loading weapons, so you use your legs quite often. I've had knee problems before, but the pain was always ...
Posted: Jan 20, 2003 14:28
  • PFS brace good or bad??
    Hello to all of you sufferers. I am 26 years old and newly diagnosed with PFS. I am an avid runner and down hill skiier of 22 years. My doctor has told me that it is still fine to run and that I can ski as well but only with a brace. I was never told to stop doing any sort of sport. However, after reading several stories it seems that this syndrome is due to excessive sport. I am at a cross roads as whether to stop my running and skiing or keep it up in moderation. I also have pain when I sit for too long or in the middle of the night in my sleep. After reading the stories I am sure that it is PFS that I have but am unclear as to the long term affects it will have if not healed and whether there is anyone out there that has used this brace. I don't want my knees to start relying on this brace because obviously that is not correcting the problem. Any advice would greatly be appreciated. I am too young to stop all my activity but if it will help in the long run then of course I will. Thank you for your help!
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