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Patellafemoral Syndrome Patient Stories

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Patellafemoral Syndrome Patient Stories
Compiled by Knee1 Editorial Team

Formerly known as "Patient Stories", this blog features first-hand accounts of users who have dealt with Patellofemoral Syndrome (PFS).

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Patello Femoral Syndrome - May 11
Hi! I am 14 and have recieved both an x-ray and MRI of my knee. The doctors said that I ahev no structural damage. My PT said that my kneecap is too far up too far to the ...
Pain relievers to help with PFS pain - Feb 05
Does anyone know any effective balms/ creams (such as tiger balm joint cream, etc.) or dietary supplements/vitamins to help reduce the pain? I have to go through intense ...
Severe pfs both knees with bad hips and feet pain - Dec 10
Hi, my name is Tracy and in oct. of 2003, I was diagnosed with severe pfs both knees. I had always wondered why I was not able to squat, or do certain activities without ...
Patella Femoral Syndrome :( - Apr 06
I have been diagnosed with PFS about five years ago. At first the pain was bearable. Since then I have become even more active in sports, playing them constantly all year ...
PFS 10 - Feb 23
As Aviation Ordnanceman in the Navy, you're always lifting and loading weapons, so you use your legs quite often. I've had knee problems before, but the pain was always ...
Posted: Sep 24, 2005 3:28
  • 7 down what next
    I have had problems with subluxing and dislocating knee caps for a few years now. It started with my right knee when I was 16 I really wasn't sure what was wrong with my knee but I had been having pain in it for a while mostly at work and the stairs at school. The pain became increasingly worse and eventually during the end of 9/01 I could not wait bear on my right leg. My mother took me to the ED and they just put me in an immoblizer and gave me crutches. About a week later I got an appoinment with an OS my brother went to who sent me for an MRI revealing a dislocted patella. With weeks of rest and PT I was still haveing pain in my knee and my knee cap was still coming out of place. My OS decided to do a lateral release in 2/02 which ended up not working. So in 8/02 I had a TTT Trillat with a LR. I had a long and hard recovery with that with some commplications mixed in. During that time I started experianceing pain and subluxing in my left knee. When I finally was out of the bledsoe brace and off the crutches in the beginning of December for two weeks and then I was back on the crutches and in an immoblizer for my left knee. My left knee ended up needing a LR in 01/03. In July of '03 I had the screw taken out of my right knee. Which was a litttle hard to recovver from even though it is a realy minor surgery because my left knee was subluxing all the time. So I had another TTT with a LR but this time on my left knee. I felt confident that this would fix my knee because I had been pretty much without incident on my right knee after I had it done. It was alright for a little while after surfery I held on to hope because my PT was confident and so was my OS. After having problems with my PT who I had been seeing since the very beginning of all this. I went to a new PT at the request of my OS because I was appox. 4 months out from surgery and the strength and codition of my knee was as if I had the surgery two weeks prior. I had the screw removed in 06/04. My kneecap was still subluxing and increasingly getting worse. I had built up all the muscles in my leg and was doing everything that I was told to do by my OS and PT. After many visits with my OS and telling him everytime that my kneecap was constenly subluxing and dislocating a couple of times a day with me having to pop it back into place. I now started to have problems with my OS and him acting like he did not believe me when I told him I am still having problems and the only think he would tell me was there is nothing more he could do. It got to the point where he wouldn't even come into the room anymore he would just have one of his fellows look at my knee who barely even looked at my knee. They would just have me sit on the table and they would bend my knee once and that would be their exam. So I decided to go for a second opinion. I got the name of another OS from a really good family friend who basically changed his life for the better. I went to this new OS on a Tuesday and his words were that in his twenty plus years of doing this he has never seen a knee as bad with this (you know that something you really want to hear from an OS) so he told me what he could do which was a VMO realignment. He was fearing that he would have to do another TTT with the VMO realignment. He got me into surgery on that Friday which was this past June 10th. Thankfuly he did not have to do another TTT just the realignment. I am almost three monthes out from this last surgery and my patella is dislocating and subluxing again. My knee is really instable and I am now in almost constant pain. My knee was good for the first month and a half or so and then I had a nasty fall and went a little backwards with this whole thing. My OS is still confident about my knee and I don't this past Tuesday my knee gave out onme while leaving for class and I haven't really been able to walk since.
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