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Patellafemoral Syndrome Patient Stories

Injured knee 1

Patellafemoral Syndrome Patient Stories
Compiled by Knee1 Editorial Team

Formerly known as "Patient Stories", this blog features first-hand accounts of users who have dealt with Patellofemoral Syndrome (PFS).

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Patello Femoral Syndrome - May 11
Hi! I am 14 and have recieved both an x-ray and MRI of my knee. The doctors said that I ahev no structural damage. My PT said that my kneecap is too far up too far to the ...
Pain relievers to help with PFS pain - Feb 05
Does anyone know any effective balms/ creams (such as tiger balm joint cream, etc.) or dietary supplements/vitamins to help reduce the pain? I have to go through intense ...
Severe pfs both knees with bad hips and feet pain - Dec 10
Hi, my name is Tracy and in oct. of 2003, I was diagnosed with severe pfs both knees. I had always wondered why I was not able to squat, or do certain activities without ...
Patella Femoral Syndrome :( - Apr 06
I have been diagnosed with PFS about five years ago. At first the pain was bearable. Since then I have become even more active in sports, playing them constantly all year ...
PFS 10 - Feb 23
As Aviation Ordnanceman in the Navy, you're always lifting and loading weapons, so you use your legs quite often. I've had knee problems before, but the pain was always ...
Posted: Apr 25, 2005 17:57
  • Injured knee 1
    I am age 16 and I am or was a runner.about 1 year ago i was just starting running cross country.But i was just running 1 and a half mile races.I thought that was far but it wasn't.So i got second place overall.Kalani rosell got first.So I started running 3 miles than 6 miles about 3 months after cross country.Than i started growing and my knee probly was overuse and knock knees.Even my ankle started hurting.But my ankle was the first problem off my body.Cross country started in August when it was 1 and a half mile. I was running 3 to 6 mile in November.But it started all on one race. The Terri fox run.That was 6.2miles i think.It had 4 huge hills.I ran it in 42:24. Than me and my coach went to watch the state meet for highschool of hawaii. I was testing there pace when they were running in the state meet.Than my ankle started hurting alot. Like i couldn't walk. i wasn't really scared because i never knew about injuries alot. So time went by and i got over it about two weeds later. Than on January 11 04 i ran the hula bowl race 5 K some hills. 1 big hill. I ran it in 19:24.Iwas almost turning 15 years old. Than about 1 and a half week later on my own course .Its a accurate course. I ran a 3 miles in 19:04 by my self. I was suprised. So i called my coach and told him. He said i shouldn't go that fast at this month. But i never listened so i started doing mile repeats.My first mile was 6:30.I was supposed to keep that paste for 4 mile.rest 10 mil between. But i never so my second mile i ran it in 6:20 tahn my third in 6:00 and my last in 5:50. i could still do more i was addicted to running. So around february my shin stared hurting alot so i never ran for a month. Than track came along in march and i wasn't running alot because my shin. So i did kind off bad in track for 8th grade.I ran the 400 meters in 4:04 withou no running for 2 months. When i finished the race my legs were in shock.i feel to the ground.Than i never ran for a few weeks.because my ankle and my shin. So time went but until school ended.than i started running again. Road races.or track.So my knee started hurting.but i still ran because i thiught it was ok.i got worse and worse. so i stopped running. im never ran cross country or track in high school.I have pattela femoral syndrome. My knee cracks alot.My ankle hurts.I grew 6 inches since last year.my out side off my quads are stronger than my inside so my muscles are off balance. my pattela cracks alot know.I have knock knees.overuse and growing panes.I could be running 4:55 mile if i wasnt't injured. i would be JV champ.my knees hurt when i wake or if i just stay in one area and get up. i dont know what to do know but just wait.in 16 know. my pane comes and goes at some points.
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