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Patient Stories

ACL 11

Patient Stories
Compiled by Knee1 Editorial Team

Formerly known as "Patient Stories", this blog features first-hand accounts of users who have dealt with ACL injury or reconstruction.

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ACL 11 - Apr 15
Well, heres my story. My boyfriend, and two of our friends where four wheeling in the woods, and we ended up falling off of a cliff. Rolled the blazer three times down ...
modified macintosh - Sep 11
i had what was called a modified macintosh with medial & lateral meinesectomy in 1976 by the late james arnold in fayetteville, arkansas. Dr. Arnold was the razorback orthopod ...
30 yrs with OCD - May 06
My story starts at 17 diagnosed with ocd,surgery on rt knee, one year to recover, then thats right left knee also with ocd, for the next five years five surgeries, now I,m ...
bi-lateral knee surgery - Nov 18
I am now in the 9th week of recovery from bi-lateral knee surgery. The first three weeks..do not want to think about them, however from the 4th week to present I could not ...
succesful acl and meniscus reconstruction - Oct 31
well to start off with how i did it.. i was playing in a football match when i went up to volly the ball. I only remember falling as i hit the goal keeper, but all of a ...
Posted: Apr 15, 2008 13:37
  • ACL 11
    Well, heres my story. My boyfriend, and two of our friends where four wheeling in the woods, and we ended up falling off of a cliff. Rolled the blazer three times down the hill. After it stopped we all got out and made sure we were okay I couldnt stand, my knee I screamed! Since we were in the middle of NO WHERE, we had to find our way back to the main road, which was up the very steep hill we just fell down from. My wonderful bf had to carry me about 2 mile maybe more up the hill. We called our friends to come and get the four of us and take us to the hospital. we finally got up to the road and I saw them racing down the street. they passed us by and I started to scream they hit the brakes and came back. Thank GOD! So me and Michelle needed to go to the hopsital right away Jay my bf and paul her husband were okay but they wanted to get checked out. We got to the hospital and i was in so much pain. i was so scared of what was happening i didnt know what to do. We'll the xrays came and no sign of bone broken, so they gave me a number of a doctor to call and get a better look at me. my bf and i got home around 2 in the morning. I couldnt sleep all i could think about was us rolling! We'll the next day i had to brake the news to my parents. when i told them what happend they couldnt believe it. My dad took me to the doctors acouple days later and he order a MRI, week later he broke the news to me that it was my ACL and MCL i completely tore my ACL, and i was going to need surgery. I saw his mouth moving but i couldnt hear the words that were coming out. I needed knee surger?! what. the problem was i was starting school in four days! i attend CCAC. The doctor said without a doubt that I would be on cruches by then moving on with my life. So the surgery went good. After the never blocker was gone i was in soo soo soo much pain. I couldnt get off of my couch. My bf and my dad tried and i couldnt. Everytime i stood up it felt like my leg was being pulled off by a high speed train with a knive stabbing me. I had to pee in a bucket! for 2 weeks!!!! I missed my semester at school. I was NOT HAPPY AT ALL. And that machaine, screw that i couldnt get in it. The doctor yelled at me that i was not bending my knee, and how could i when the wrappin around my leg was wayyy to tight?! well it has been 9 months and no improvements. I went to get a second opinion, and he said to have the minulation done. So all of this has had me a little stressed out, and this is all i think about is what next with the knee OH yeah i forgot, i fell down my stairs in January i slipped on ice and buised my MCL. That set me back far and it added to the stress list. but next month i will be going in for sugery and im hoping to death that this will change evreything and i will be back to normal. If you have any suggestions please email me, i could use some help with this! thank you for listening to me tell my story, and i know im not alone! Vanessa [email protected]
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