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The Giant's Knees

The Importance of Good Posture

The Giant's Knees
By: andy.peloquin

I'm a 6' 6" tall martial artist, runner, cyclist, athlete, and bodybuilder, so knee injuries and I are close acquaintances. I've had years of experience dealing with all sorts of ankle, knee, shoulder, wrist, and back injuries!

I hope you find my blog entertaining, informative, and a great read! It's all about helping you deal with your aches and pains, and learning a bit more about the amazing machine that is the human body - even the weak links like the knees.

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The Importance of Good Posture - Apr 02
Did you know that posture is one of the most important elements of a good fitness program? No matter how much time you spend working out, if you don't have good posture, ...
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If you have bad knees, it may be painful to run, use the elliptical machine, or ride the stationary bike. Thankfully, these aren't your only options when it comes to doing ...
Posted: Apr 2, 2014 17:05
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  • The Importance of Good Posture

    Did you know that posture is one of the most important elements of a good fitness program? No matter how much time you spend working out, if you don't have good posture, all of your work will be in vain.

    Good posture means having the right form when running, cycling, lifting weights, and doing exercise, but it also means sitting, standing, and lying in bed correctly.

    If you want to avoid knee problems, you need to have proper posture. Improper posture will put extra strain on the knee joints, and can lead to a wearing away of the cartilage--particularly if you run, cycle, or lift weights every day for years.

    Those with improper posture tend to develop joint problems, no matter how strong the muscles around them are. You'll find that good posture is the key to keeping your body working properly, so it's smart to focus on sitting up, standing straight, and working out with the proper form.

    You can find out a bit more about how to have a healthy posture by following this link. The article there makes it simple and easy to understand.

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  • By: Notyetagolfpro: May, 29, 2014 13:36 PM

    Well it's important to mention that the most important thing in developing good posture is a strong core!   You get that by building strong abdominal muscles.   You get those by exercises which use your gut (crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts, etc.), particularly those which cross your mid-line.   So the right exercise is important, not just to protect your heart, strengthen your supporting muscles, and to lubricate your joints, but to help you develop good posture!   

    Any related exercises that you're partial to?


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