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To be or not to Be

Exercise can not help lose weight

To be or not to Be
By: xzhao

To be or not to be is a question-Shakspeare. 

To have a good habit or not is not vital now.

Live happily: Share our experience and thought, Let's build a friendly community!


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Exercise can not help lose weight - Sep 22
Sad news: Exercise can not help lose weight....From a reserach report done by a university..Read this news on the Metro Boston today. My plan fails again.......
Posted: Sep 22, 2010 9:27
  • Exercise can not help lose weight
    Sad news: Exercise can not help lose weight....From a reserach report done by a university..
    Read this news on the Metro Boston today.

    My plan fails again....
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  • By: Notyetagolfpro: Nov, 17, 2010 17:40 PM
    Bottom line- you have to exercise to lose weight if you overall are healthy, haven't had weight reduction surgery, and are eating the same.   Plus it's healthy for your knees as the activity aids joint movement and the weight reduction relieves pressure on those joints- a double benefit!

    By: AmariT: Oct, 19, 2010 13:58 PM
    xzhao: Do you have a link to this article? It seems unlikely to me that it really says that exercise cannot help people lose weight. As Notyetagolfpro said, losing weight is all about burning more calories than you eat, and exercising certainly does help you burn calories.

    Of course, exercising doesn't guarantee that you'll lose weight. I have a good friend who actually gained weight while he was exercising regularly. But this was because every time he exercised, he felt like he had earned a treat and would get ice cream or some other fatty food. You have to watch what you eat as well as exercise in order to lose weight.

    By: Notyetagolfpro: Oct, 13, 2010 15:02 PM
    To lose weight essentially you have to burn more calories than you eat- it's that simple (& that difficult!)  Maybe start by figuring out if you really need to lose weight?  It's possible to have dense muscle and a high weight to height but be very fit - and the opposite!  This is a great BMI calculator to evaluate yourself.   

    I know a guy who wanted to lose weight and lost 30 pounds and 3 waist sizes but very methodically over 3 months- he tracked everything he ate on a spreadsheet and calculated the calories.   He then calculated every bit of exercise on that same spreadsheet and calculated the calories.    

    He then made sure that his calories burned was enough greater than his calories consumed to burn 3 lbs/ wk. in the average week.   

    There is no miracle tea like the ridiculous comment below or food to do this- just simple math: exercise > eating.    That's actually the formula they use for the big weight loss on the "Greatest Loser" show!     Good luck-

    By: : Oct, 05, 2010 12:46 PM

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