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The Orthopedic Corner

Total Hip Replacement in India brings New Hope to Nigerian lady on Obama’s Victory Day

The Orthopedic Corner
By: kellygrimes

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Posted: Sep 22, 2014 23:46
  • Total Hip Replacement in India brings New Hope to Nigerian lady on Obama’s Victory Day

    Change was ushered in for Elizabeth Kotso from Abuja, Nigeria. She benefited from an advanced Hip replacement and ankle fusion to set right her damaged lower limb.

    Nigerian lady gets twin Orthopedic surgery in India to reconstruct injured limb.

    A 40 year old Nigerian patient with crippling hip arthritis and foot drop underwent reconstructive surgery by Orthopedic surgeon Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam at a Chennai hospital. An uncemented total Hip replacement and ankle arthrodesis was performed under one anesthesia.

    In April 2007, she suffered multiple injuries to her hip and knee in a road accident in which several people including children lost their lives. She was treated in Illorin with fixation of the thigh bone but the hip bone injury deteriorated over time to develop poet traumatic arthritis.

    The primary surgery in Nigeria failed to address her hip arthritis. She was left with a totally destroyed hip, malunited knee fracture and a foot drop. She was forced to use crutches to move around.

    Hope arrived at her doorstep this May as a reputed Indian Orthopedic surgeon Dr.A.K.Venkatachalam saw her during his visit to Abuja. He advised her to go in for surgery to replace the hip and fuse the ankle. She recently underwent a Hip replacement and ankle fusion to relieve pain and stabilize her foot drop.

    She is now so pleased with the outcome of the two operations that she also plans to get a third one done to correct the deformity in her knee. A large diameter uncemented hip prosthesis was used to reconstruct her hip. Ankle arthrodesis was achieved with screw fixation.

    **Click here to read the full article.


    Avail affordable best hip replacement surgery in India and see the difference.

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