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Posted: Mar 1, 2016

Finally, they started accepting the fact that Clinical depression is indeed clinical in many ways, in the past depression was a term derived in the dictionary of poets and authors. Scientific experts were considering as a state of mind. According to them, Depression was a state of mind where a patient needs some type of social support to come out of certain problems.

Now they are deciphering a new lingo, which is associated with depression, now we have certain drugs on the shelves of medicine stores that can directly serve a person when he or she is in depression. The latest development in this direction comes with the fact that if a person has a deficit in Vitamin D, then in this case it can easily make him or her prone to the attacks of depression. If this deficiency is clubbed together with the deficiency of sodium then things may go worse and it may go out of hands for an individual.

If you are thinking that you are not under the scanner of this disease then in this case, we would like to enlighten you with some facts, first fact is related to the deficiency of vitamin D in the population. Alone in America more than forty percent of the population is suffering from Vitamin D deficiency. Now count on the scale of increasing number of clinical depression patients, this is a horrendous number that is going to strike us.

It is very unfortunate that something, which is this easily available, is causing a deficit in human body. Vitamin D is not something, which is very rare; our regular sunlight has Vitamin D in it. Here we would like to share two things; most of the psychologist believes that if during the morning time and evening time if you are under open sky then it can help you in fighting against depression. If you wake up early in the morning and receive morning sunlight, then again it is a great thing for your mental as well as physical health. All you need is to have a shelter right beneath the open sky and add a new mood swing into your life right during the magic hour of the day.

The toll of clinical depression can eclipse your performance a great deal and it can hamper your chances on a physical level as well and suffering major sleep problems and asked where to buy modafinil online. Try to make sure that you are having nutritious food all the time and striking a balance with the things. Depression also requires a social care. We are adding this social angle deliberately into the game. Most of the people suffering from clinical depression require a kind of caregiver. They need someone who can observe them closely when they are suffering from the attack of clinical depression.

On most of the occasions these patients refuses to accept the fact that they are suffering from any type of depression. They need a motivation to move towards help, they need this psychological solace that comes in the form of a medicine. Time has come when depression is becoming a new age problem for lonely hearts. The worst thing comes in the fact that virtual world created by social media is also responsible for it.

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Posted: Mar 12, 2015


I would like to share a personal family experience of my aunt who is suffering from diabetes and arthritis and how she managed to escape a knee surgery just by performing cardio every day.

Few years back my aunt was diagnosed with diabetes and arthritis. After only a week of her diagnosis, she had difficulty in walking or standing up. We had to hire a physiotherapist who helped her to do some basic exercises as her arthritis was worsening. After consultation from an orthopedic surgeon, we were told that she had to replace her knee in order to make her walk, stand or sit properly. This was quiet a risk for her and she refused to go with the surgery. The procedure was quite painful as well as expensive.

She agreed to bear the pain but not with the surgery. The physiotherapist continued to help her with basic exercises which were showing very slow improvement. Many a times her pain flared up and we even thought of quitting the physiotherapy thing until I bought a treadmill.

I bought a treadmill when a sudden spark of being fit and healthy flared up inside of me. I used to run every day on the treadmill for 10-15 minutes. Seeing my progress as I began losing inches, my aunty one day asked me to try the treadmill herself. After helping her to walk on a very slow pace on the treadmill for some days she miraculously showed signs of drastic improvements in her walking and sitting style. Moreover she started using the treadmill all by herself.

We are still unsure whether it was due to the treadmill that she showed improvement or it was physiotherapy. But the most noticeable thing here is that she is showing amazing recovery from arthritis and can now even walk to the store all by herself. I am very amazed and hopeful that she will continue to use the treadmill and I encourage all of you to exercise daily at least for half an hour.

Let me know what you think in the comments section about what could be the reason of her speedy recovery after using the treadmill. One thing to add up here, if you are looking to buy a treadmill, contact these treadmill suppliers to get the best deals.

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