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Topic Title: INTENSE pain in calf muscle 8 days post-op.
Created On: 06/08/2006 09:50 AM
 06/29/2018 08:49 AM

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<p>Bought some molds led long time ago. Started using something else. When my knees and back began hurting I bought Orthofeet moldable. Did not 'fix' my back and knee problems, but made them feel a lot better. Not going to change ever again. I've kept and a couple of which I've returned. I'm impressed with the the quality and also with their return policy. Also I have bought a pair of the bionic tide sandals as I have plantar fasciitis and the sandal gives my foot relief and support I love orthofeet products.</p>
 06/23/2006 02:55 PM

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Hey, I too had a blood clot BEFORE I had my surgery. It is nothing to play around with. I am now 4 months po and off the coumadin. Many people can have clots and not know it.
As long as your clot is below the knee it isn't that serious. I am surprised though that they admitted you. I was given heparin shots to administer to myself 2x a day while starting the coumadin. I had another doppler at 2 months po and the full clot dissipated to only a partial clot. Your body will reabsorb it but just make sure not to get cut or hit your head hard.
 06/13/2006 06:38 PM

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Well, I finally get to post a follow-up today...after having been in the hospital for 5 days.

I appreciate the feedback dgill123, but I'd have to say that your similar experience was a luckier one.

It turns out that my unbearable calf pain was diagnosed as a blood clot, a rare but deadly side effect from my ACL surgery. I did some Googling around and what results I found were few and far between. But with what I did find, I realized that in most incidents, the affected patients had severe calf/shin/leg pain about 8-9 days after the surgery upon sitting or standing, and of the 3 out of 4 incidents I read about, they were diagnosed with blood clots. Ironically I was feeling better on the morning of June 9th, but after reading that blood clots can migrate to the lungs or brain and kill you, I figured I'd stop caring about my finances and hospital bills, and let the doctors have a look.

It was the best decision I had made, because the clot I had was a large one, which was spread out from my knee to my ankle. They did an ultrasound on both my knees and then I was admitted after they confirmed the clot was there. I had to stay about 5 days total while they had pumped me full of Heperin, a blood thinner. I finally got out this morning and I now have to take a blood thinner pill called Cumadin for at least six months (I opted for the generic stuff though, called Warfarin, does the same thing).

I'm exhausted as I've never had to be admitted in a hospital before - you lose your sanity, privacy, sleep, among other things. I had blood taken in the middle of the night, random vital checks, and after a while the hospital food all started to taste the same. Its surprising though to see how many people visit you while you're in there - makes you realize your true friends!

Anyway, I'm doing better now. It still hurts to sit and stand as the clot is still restricting some blood flow, but the doctor said to suck it up and eventually the calf pain will go away.

I just want to let anyone know that if you have ANY leg problems after surgery not related to your knee, don't brush it off. I had started at-home exercises when this happened thereafter, and the injury masked itself as just a sore muscle. I almost didn't even go to the hospital, but then I probably wouldn't be around to write this as of now. Even if you're unsure, all it takes is a quick ultrasound, it's worth it. This is a rare problem, around 1-3% of people get blood clots from ACL surgery, but it can happen to anyone. I hope this helps anyone with any similar problems!
 06/09/2006 05:16 PM

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Hi Grievous, I had the same problem and described it to my physiotherapist the exact same way- a constant charlie horse with spasms. He explained that it was likely due to overcompensation of the calf muscle making up for the loss of hamstring use when walking. So he started to give me calf massages- not the nice relaxing kind, but the horrible agonizing painful deep kind. Over the last week the spasms have virtually disappeared and the charlie horse feeling is just sporatic now. Thank goodness, cause the massages were killing me.
Also started doing ultrasound behind my knee - for a really painful area just below the back of my knee.
My calf pain started around the same post-op time about 10 days post, I'm now about 3 1/2 weeks post op.
Wishing you well
 06/08/2006 09:50 AM

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Well, I thought I was getting much better (as seen in my previous thread). I went to the doc about a week after surgery, got my immobilizer and bandage off, and now am able to flex over 90 degrees. I also got scheduled with a physical therapist which I'll be going to on June 13th. I asked the therapist though if I could do at-home exercises before my first visit. They recommended it, so I started immediately.

The paperwork said to to 3 sets of quad stretches and leg raises 3 times a day but I started with just one set a couple days ago. I also did some heel slides which I read about on these forums. Then yesterday, I encountered a horrible pain all the way down my calf muscle. It basically feels like I have a constant "charlie horse" when I'm standing up. When I sit, the pain hurts somewhat, and its also tender when I lay down, but standing up to do anything is unbearable. I can't even put my weight on my leg anymore, just having crutches and keeping off my leg entirely gives me that horrible pain. I figured that since I've been out of shape for a long time, this is normal. So I exercised more yesterday, doing 2 sets of each exercise and working my way up.

As of today, the pain is still unbearable. I had to go to the bathroom at 5 am and the pain was so bad I just broke down and felt like I was never going to walk again. I don't know what's wrong but this is driving me insane, and I don't want to call my doctor because he's money-hungry and will probably have me come in and pay more, or pay for more useless pills. I've even tried using Icy-hot (which doesn't even fully help), ice packs, percocet, Tylenol, nothing helps.

What should I do? Keep exercising and just hope this goes away? I'm so worried right now. Heck, I'd give anything to have my post-op surgery pain compared to this. I'd appreciate any feedback as I've lost all hope right now. Thanks in advance.

*PS - Just wanted to add that not long after I posted this, my calf muscle has started twitching involuntarily. Most of the time it's very rapid, and it's really worrying me!


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