Knee pain for 4 months

Topic Title: Knee pain for 4 months
Created On: 04/07/2008 04:56 AM

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 04/07/2008 04:56 AM

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Hi, I am a 23 year old male,and maybe somebody can help all started about 4 months ago, i started getting bad pains in my achilles tendons and also my upper calfs. at the time i was running on a treadmill for about 15 mins 4-5 days a week and had been doing so for about 3 years. after a while a noticed pain in both my knees. this prompted me to stop all training for a while and consult a doctor; unfortunatly he couldnt identify my problem, he gave me painkillers and told me to rest.after stopping training the calf pain and tendon pain went away, however the knee pain got worse to the point where i cant walk for 3 mins without being in a lot of pain, the pain is around the patella, sometimes the pain is worse at the top of the patella, sometimes the sides or even the bottom.also i started to feel griding and clicking on my kneecap when bending and straightening my leg.this really concerned me. There is no swelling on my knee, just alot of pain which is increased through any activity, mornings are usually ok for me. i returned to my doctor as i was concerned about the possibility of osteoarthiritis, he refered me to a physiotherapist who said i have "tight quadriceps" which are pulling my patella down and causing friction, she gave me stretching exercises to do for a month, however these had no effect. After this the Physio refered me to a podiaty clinic as i have flat feet, they didnt know too much about my problem and just gave me some orthotic insoles to correct my walk, which have had no affect over 4 a week period.this is starting to worry me as no one can give me a proper diagnosis and it has been affecting me badly for 4 months now, does anyone have any clues as to what this could be?Many thanks,Joe
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