cartilage transplantation recovery ??

Topic Title: cartilage transplantation recovery ??
Created On: 01/08/2001 05:21 PM

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 02/12/2007 09:36 AM

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I had a Carticel transplant two years ago and it has been a mess ever since. I had a defect behind my patella. Since that knee surgery the surgeon that did the procedure also said my knee cap was in the incorrect place. Well this is where the nightmare began he overaligned my knee cap so for almost a year I had to tape it back into place. I have since found out the long term results for Carticel transplants are not very good and almost none of the surgeons here in the San Francisco Bay area will do them. I have had to have 6 more surgeries to try and controll the cartilage overgrowth and had to have another open surgery to put my knee cap back where it was in the beginning. I am now 43 and am scheduled for a knee replacement due to the mess this has caused. The carticel grew back extremely fibrous and not smooth at all so now my knee catches all the time and the daily pain is unbearable. If anyone is planning on using this for a patellar lesion get many more opinions before you decide to try this. I have seen 3 surgeons seeking their opinion since this started and everyone has said they would have never recommended this procedure. Everyone of them has said they would have cleaned up the legion and let it go at that. I also have filed a lawsuit that is in the process of being settled. I used to be very active and worked in law enforcement I am now retired and very disillusioned by surgeons in general. Except for the awesome one I finally have now. Bottom line is before you consider these experimental treatments which Carticle still is be very wary.
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 07/19/2006 03:26 AM

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I'm considering the carticel procedure and have to decide this coming Friday.Some suggestions: 1) get at least one other opinion from another ortho and try a teaching or research hosp/university2) do tons of research on many different websites.3) Google carticel, cartilege etc4) Things that make a difference in a "successful" Carticel procedure: --- your definition of successful and the orthos definition of successfull --- your age --- amount of damage to the cartilege --- location of damage to the cartilege eg damage behind the kneecap has much lower success rate --- type of damage to cartilege eg degenerative (not good) vs clearly defined focused injury (good) ...imagine a waterwell with straight vertical walls (good) vs crater made by an artillery shell (not good) .Exercise now to build up your quads, good for knee stability and speeds recovery.Good luckTom
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 12/19/2005 11:45 PM

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Hi, I just got on this website today and read that you may have possibly had a cartilage transplant. To date I have had 4 knee ops on my left knee. My OS is recommending the Microfracture procedure, but the long term prognosis isn't great. I was wondering if you went ahead with the procedure and if so, how you are doing today.-Karen-

Karen Engman
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 01/08/2001 05:21 PM

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My name is Brian, I am 26 yrs old and having massive pain in my right knee. I have had two scopes in the past 2.5 yrs and the pain is still here aching everyday. On a recent visit to my Orthopedic Surgeon he informed me there was a fairly new procedure where they scope a piece of cartilage and send it out to Carticel, where they regrow the cells and create new cartilage which is surgically re attached to my old cartilage. I am ready to go for the surgery and would like to hear from anyone who has had this procedure done in the past. It would help me out a lot if anyone could share their knowlegde of this procedure, and the outcomes they feel after the surgery. Thanks to all... -Brian
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