bursitis/knee pain

Topic Title: bursitis/knee pain
Created On: 04/23/2001 10:42 AM

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 04/23/2001 10:42 AM

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back around 6wks ago my left side was clicking like a cracking everytime I walked. After about 2 wks of that I woke up and was having troble walking, that night my hips were killing me. Went to the doctor and he told me that I have bursitis, so first he had me on relafen, after 2 wks it was the same and he put me on vioxx, and also sented me for x-ray,lower back, hips, and left knee. Everything with that came back fine.Now last week he set me up for a MRI, of the lower lumbar. Today he calls and tells me that I have a bulging disk, and thats what causing my pain. What would be the next best thing for me to do?? help thank you CC
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