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Topic Title: Water on the Knee
Created On: 06/21/2001 09:46 AM
 09/19/2002 11:54 PM

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You have exactly what I have. I'm 37 and started getting water on the knee about 7 years ago. I went to an MD and he thought I had tight hamstrings so recommended stretching. The problem continued and I ended up doing an MRI which showed nothing. The problem continued and ended up going to a good DO Orthopedic Sports Medicine Surgeon and we decided to go in and take a look with the knee scope. He went in and found Gout (or Pseudo Gout) and a blood test showed I had a reading of 8.1 on the Uric Acid scale (pointing to Gout) . I've worked on controlling my diet but I still get daily swelling. I've spoken to a number of people with Gout and they ended up taking Uric Acid reducing drugs and it has eliminated their Gout flair ups entirely with no noticeable side effects. Thats probably where I'm heading. You're going to want to deal with your Uric Acid problem because it will end up destroying your joints over time(microscopically Gout is a very sharp crystal and cuts/grinds nerves and joint tissue).
 06/21/2001 09:46 AM

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I am a 30 year old male living in Asia and suffering from water on the knee. I expect this can be classified as chronic, as I have had this problem for six months, the pain gets better and worse and never really goes away, but is never very intense. Please undertand that as I am living in Asia, I have some communication problems with the doctors I have consulted. My current doctor has diagnosed me with gout due to high levels of uric acid (I had a level of 8 instead of the 2.5 - 6 norm he told me). However from what I have read myself on the net gout is characterised by acute pain which doesn't seem to fit my experience. Does this diagnosis seem correct and if so is the best treatment dietary control and anti-inflammatories? Is the condition curable, or just controllable? I appreciate any help, Ian Ramsey


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