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Topic Title: Help - What is it & Who do I go to?
Created On: 06/14/2006 12:16 PM
 06/14/2006 12:16 PM

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About 6 years ago I joined a running class to train for a 10km run, during the last couple of weeks before the run I started experiencing some pain in my knee. After the run I couldn't walk, it was too painful to bend the knee and lift my foot.

I went to a kinesologist who gave me streches and slowly told me to start running after taking time off. Didn't work. - I went to my doctor who told me my quads weren't strong enough to hold my knee. The chiropractor told me my hips are out of whack and the Podiatrist wasn't sure but tried taping my foot. I wore a knee brace but in the end gave up running.

I have been working out regulary since, I have a weight training program and can easily go 50-60 minutes on an elliptical or bike (even on hill programs). After all this time, I went for a short run today - I streched before heading out - walked for a good 10 min and about 15 min into the run - bam! there goes the knee.

It starts with pain on the outside of my knee but also I can feel pain on the outside of my ankle and across the top of my foot. As soon as I stop running the pain also stops, but walking down the stairs is painful.

I am looking to do whatever I need to, but where do I start?



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