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Topic Title: ITB STRETCHES!!!
Created On: 10/31/2001 12:18 PM
 09/30/2004 04:21 PM

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have you tried laying sideways on a table and letting the injured leg hang off and behind the other leg and table for about 30 secs.
 10/31/2001 12:18 PM

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Dear People, I have the ITB syndrome and i do know a couple of stretches myself 1. lying on a horizontal surface and putting and benting the injured leg over the other, followed by pushing down the leg with the opposite hand to stretch the thigh tendon 2. putting the injured leg bent again, on a table surface and benting forward to feel the stretch. Hope that these stretches can help some injured folks out there. but please consult your physician before proceeding, i wouldn't know what's best for your knee. kindly exercise precaution and care for your knee!! BUT are there anymore good and effective stretches that anyone can suggest? I am dying to know them to get my knee to how it was


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