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Topic Title: ITB syndrome?
Created On: 09/02/2001 11:27 AM
 09/17/2013 02:50 PM

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The problem with ITB syndrome is that it causes your patella (kneecap) to become misaligned. If you've got a problem with your kneecap being misaligned, it really could be because of your ITB syndrome.
Many times, your ITB problems are caused by your running form, so are you running properly? There may be something wrong with your gait...
 06/27/2010 11:23 PM

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[p]Hi, Sorry you went through a LR. Those generally don't do very well. I am a PT and have work with patients after that surgery. I hate to say it but this issue around having a misaligned patella may not be at all assocaited with your pain. Many people have the same misalignment on x-ray and have no pain whatsoever. Unfortunately the issue is much more complicated than taking a simple sunrise view x-ray and thinking that is the issue. First, I would recommend avoiding ALL painful activity. Second, I would investigate your biomechanics.....flat feet? weak hips? These are frequently a cause. Finally, check out these two sites and see if the information (one on ITB syndrome and one on knee cap pain) can help: [url=] [/url]and [url=] [/url] Good luck[/p]
 09/02/2001 11:27 AM

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I have had kneepain for over 2 years now (left knee). I have a misaligned knee (subluxed patella and shallow trochlear groove) and had a scope (LR) 9 months ago to prevent dislocations. The LR failed. But apart from the malalignment problem I also have pain on my lateral femur condyle. The pain increases while running and after running, walking stairs, walking up&donwhill, getting in&out of the car, squatting, cycling, kneeling, swimming... My OS says it's because of the malalignment I keep having this pain and suggested a Fulkerson. I've looked it up on the net and seems my symptoms match ITBsyndrome. I can't ignore the fact I have a misaligned knee, but could it be ITB? I've had 4 cortizone shots which all give me some relief but within 6 weeks pain reoccurs. Resting doesn't get it better. Help??


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