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Topic Title: IT Band Problem
Created On: 05/08/2000 05:37 AM
 05/02/2005 03:10 PM

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Much thanks thats a spoonful of resources that I'll have to cut my teeth on.
 11/17/2004 08:08 PM

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 07/24/2002 01:47 AM

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Stretches - IT Band is connected to gluteus maximus in back and tensor fascia lata in from .. of pelvis just to right of groin. also, Gluteus Medius and Minimus are locate higher up on side of pelvis. connects crest of pelvic bone (often misnamed as hip bone ... hip is a joint) on side just at waist down to top of thigh bone where that bump is you can feel on side of pelvis. On runnrs and jumpers this all gets tight ((I used to do Bodywork for college and Olympic track athletes). Also tight are adductors inside thighs and they keep abductors - gluteals - tight interconnectedly. Hamstrings and back of leg, connections under bottom pelvic bone )ischium it is called), always tight and alwasy a player in every leg issue I've ever seen in thousands of hours working. Check out my website Lots of free in-depth info, including a blurb on how to make stretching work better. Maybe I can get my book, tape and video out by summer' end. These are the stretches, and more importantly, the way of stretching, that I taught to athletes and yoga students, and they stretched better. Also, get massaged and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. That will un-harden the soft tissue and make stretching easier. People may email me if they wish.
 10/31/2001 12:06 PM

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I love running too. have been a mid-distance runner for 5 years running, and recently developed itb syndrome too couple of stretching exercises i do, which of course i don't know if it actually works(coz i always aggravate the knee again when it gets better), but anyway... 1.lie on a horizontal surface and put the injured leg bent over the other and press down with the opposite hand. be sure to feel the stretch on the thigh rather than in the buttocks, and be particularly cautious, guys 2.put the leg bent on the table surface while standing and bent your body forward. You may also want to press your knee down a little to feel the stretch. again be sure of where u feel the stretch. Precautions: please do not overstretch. Moderation is the key to recovery. and of course...RICE and plenty of rest. and if possible, could anyone recommend some more good stretches? i am dying to know some!
 03/16/2001 11:51 AM

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I have recently discovered a book titled "running injury free" by Joe Ellis, DPM available through runners world magazine with a stretch for itb. For four years I have had severe knee pain from itb and did not know it until i began the stretch in this book. It is an awkward stretch but i think it works. Hope you will try it.
 01/24/2001 01:05 AM

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Regarding ITB, everyone is saying that ice, rest, anti-inflamatory drugs and stretching are necesary. Fine, but what specific stretches does one do for ITB problems. HELP please.
 12/06/2000 08:48 PM

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 10/11/2000 11:57 PM

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ITBS syndrome. Get thee to a doctor-one that specializes in sports medicine. The sooner you start an intensive recovery plan, the sooner you can get back to running. Some can lay off a week, others need to lay off several. You must follow the regimen of rest, icing, stretching etc religiously. Unfortunately, some folks don't get better and have to lay out for a longer time. If you have pain, this is something you don't push through. A very good group discussion site is
 10/11/2000 11:52 PM

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Dear Anonymous, Regarding ITBS, some folks get better with rest, that means NO RUNNING, stretching, physical therapy, anti inflammatories, icing, cortesone. Others don't get better and it seems they must opt for surgery. The best info I've found on the web is this group discussion. All sorts of experiences and very supportive folks. Good Luck.
 05/08/2000 05:37 AM

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I have been running for close to 20 years and typically do 15-20mi/wk. Training for Boston Marathon I started getting severe pain in the sides of my knees starting at high mileage(8-10). Dr told me it was IT band problem and sent me to 6 wks PT. I cut way back on training and took high doses NSAID for the race. Made it through the marathon in major pain walking at times to relieve the iritation. I tried icing stretching, not running and it does not improve. It actually starts at lower milage now. I can not run more than 3-4 miles without pain. Everyone I know with this problem says it goes away. What am I doing wrong? How do I get over this problem so I can get back to running?


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