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Topic Title: MCL injury, Bone Bruise at LFC
Created On: 07/23/2013 08:01 AM
 10/14/2013 01:38 AM

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Andy thank you so much for your reply, i did physiotherapy for a month and the pain was gone,
but im still having a little trouble with running and jumping and stairs, i guess i just have to give it some time to heal
 09/26/2013 03:20 PM

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As long as nothing is seriously torn or damaged, you should be fine. A grade 1 sprain isn't too bad, but it usually heals within a few days to a week.

Synovial joint effusion is just the fancy way of saying that your joint is swollen. If the swelling is bad enough that you can't move the joint, you may want to visit your doctor to have it safely drained - if the swelling doesn't go down in a few days.

Thankfully, your ACL and meniscii are undamaged, so wearing a brace for a few weeks can defintiely help. Stay off your feet until the pain has lessened enough to be able to walk around, and use ice to reduce the effusion. The less weight you put on the knee, the better.
 07/23/2013 08:01 AM

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Hello all,
2 weeks ago i injured my knee in basketball,
i just recieved my MRI result :

Synovial joint effusion is present.
Bone bruise at LFC and medial tibia platue is seen.
Ssprain (grade 1) in MCL without complete tear associated with soft
tissue swelling in medial aspect of knee joint is seen.
The ACL,PCL,LCL as well as Menisci are ordinarily seen and unremarkable.
Articular hyaline cartilages are unremarkable.

how bad is it ? do i need to have surgery or i can get pass it by going for physiotherapy for 8 weeks, and not playing any sports (maybe just upper body weight workouts (while sitting)) and using a knee brace most of the time


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