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Topic Title: Stride Right: Simple Running Tips
Created On: 09/02/2009 01:40 PM
 02/25/2014 01:23 PM

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<p>One of the most important parts of a proper stride and proper pronation is the right pair of shoes. You should be wearing the shoes that match the length and width of your feet, as well as the height of your arches. You need stability and support, but plenty of cushioning.</p>
<p>A pair of shoes that I've found to be very good for heavier runners like me is the Nike LunarGlide line. They have a very thick sole, helping to add a good deal of cushion for my knees as I run.</p>
 12/22/2009 02:38 PM

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[p]That's an interesting topic, as I already have some problems with my knees in going down the stairs, or similar activities. But I was wondering what is the right stride should be for men?[/p][br][p][img=320x168][/img][/p]
 09/02/2009 01:40 PM

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While it is true that I have been a competitive runner for years now, my running form is nowhere near perfect. My feet and knees pronate, my arms are always too tight...I could go on to pick apart everything I do wrong, but no matter how hard I try to correct these flaws, I don't think I'll ever have the prefect stride.
In fact, I easily become jealous of runners I see with great form! There really are some lucky ones out there who don't have to think about it at all and run gracefully around town. But for the rest of's a work in progress. I really don't mind the poor form as much as I mind the fact that my poor form puts me at greater risk for injury. So, I am constantly looking for simple ways I can conteract my running style and still enjoy my run.  
I came accross a few running tips from a physical therapist named Tim Hilden in the August issue of Women's Health Magazine on how to "Stride Right." They are just a few simple things to think about when heading out for a jog, that can really help your form, and prevent injury. 
His tips are:
1. Look ahead and scan the horizon to prevent slouching.
2. Relax your arms and bend them about 90 degrees, letting them swing front to back at lower chest level.
3. Lean forward about 5 degrees to maintain momentum without sacrificing posture.
4. Take quick, short steps instead of long strides, which can hurt your back and tire you out.
5. Land lightly between your heel and mid-foot and let your foot roll smoothly forward. Push off with the toes.
Thinking about these few suggestions may help improve your stride significantly and help prevent injury. I'm definitely willing to give them a try!


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