Knee Strain

Topic Title: Knee Strain
Created On: 11/24/2009 08:13 AM

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 12/16/2013 02:45 PM

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You want to be careful with that pain in your left knee, as it could get worse if you keep pushing it.

Dropping that right foot means that all of your weight is resting on your left leg, but it's probably bent in a slightly awkward position. That could place a lot of pressure on your knee, particularly the ligaments on the outside and front of the kneecap.

I would recommend trying a few simple exercises for your legs:

- Lunges

- Squats

- Leg presses

If your knee doesn't hurt doing these exercises, it's defintely the result of your posture while on the board.

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 11/24/2009 08:13 AM

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So I enjoy the occasional cruise on my longboard, the deck of which was made by a friend of mine. Everything goes swimmingly except from time to time, i get this pain in my left knee. I believed it's cause by the pressure on it when i am pushing around, and when i drop my right foot to slow down. Other than that it feels great. I suppose I could losen my trucks a hair so i could carve to control my speed better, but then i'd get speed wobbles more easily when going faster. I think I'll do that, and carve my way to comfort.
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