Knee separation/torn ACL and PCL

Topic Title: Knee separation/torn ACL and PCL
Created On: 05/22/2004 04:28 PM

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 05/22/2004 04:28 PM

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I had a bad motorcycle accident Feb 20, 2004 and it left me with a nearly useless right leg. My leg was partially severed. My femur was broken and my knee was separated. I had an external fixator on my leg to see if my knee could hold up and not need amputation. It held after 5 weeks. As of today i still cannot have ACL and PCL surgery because my range of motion is only 44 degrees. Physical therapy is rough. Whenever my knee is bent to the maximum point it looks and feels like it will explode. Its hard to explain but im sure some of you have felt it. My doctor said that if my knee does not loosen up then he will have to do another surgery to loosen it. I need to know if my limited movement is normal and is the pain of therapy normal. I know pain is normal but this feels different. i put weight on my right leg for the first time since the accident last week and it of course was unstable but didnt hurt. Any information is appreciated.
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