Severe knee pain

Topic Title: Severe knee pain
Created On: 04/16/2017 12:14 PM

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 01/06/2018 01:36 AM

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Hello it would be really good to hear some advice and talk to people who understand how it feels. I had recently been diagnosed with RA. I was on hydroxychlorquine but been recommended to be on Methotrexate. I had pain in my feet everyday with the mornings being the worse. but when I am wearing orthofeet's shoes, at that time I dont have pain in my feet

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 04/16/2017 12:14 PM

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 I'm a 43 yr old female who was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis 10 yrs ago. I have been on different medications to help control my inflammation. One medicine that helps best is prednisone. I've been on/off it throughout the years. My most recent dose was 20mg that started August 2015 and I just weened off about a month ago. Long story short, I have little to no cartilage in both knees and was told I would need a total knee replacement in both knees. I'm to ths point were I am no longer able to work and assistance getting in/out of bed, going to the restroom, or doing anything else for that matter. I would like advice on what I should do next. I'm in constant pain and cortisone shots are ineffective. 

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