new to group and chronic knee pain struggle

Topic Title: new to group and chronic knee pain struggle
Created On: 12/30/2016 09:15 PM

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 12/30/2016 09:15 PM

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My right knee was diagnosed a year ago by primary care as having bone spurs and OA arthritis. It showed up on X-ray. I first had symptoms about 5 years ago with soreness during sudden movement and clicking sound in the knee. Ignored it until last year as it got somewhat more painful. The pain gets worse during physical activity and even prolong sitting. Using an exercise bike seems to lossen it up, along with icing it and ibuprofin,  I saw a specialist about 2 months ago and I have a follow up next week. The specialist wants me to try exercise for the knee first and if that doesn't work then go to other possible treatment like cortizone shot, or physical therapy. When the knee really flares up it goes up the hip and groin area and to the foot and feels stiff and sore in the muscles.  I do think it originates directly from the knee though, and no back pain what so ever. I am guessing the sore knee irritates the ligaments and tendons.  I am not certain what steps to take next. Anyone with ideas and information appreicated. It is frustrating as my two favorite hobbies are walking and hiking and this darn knee has to get in the way. 


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