tibial tubular transfer and lateral release

Topic Title: tibial tubular transfer and lateral release
Created On: 06/27/2010 06:56 PM

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 08/14/2012 05:53 AM

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Thanks wing for your answer! Its much appreciable.

replacement shoulder surgery
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 08/05/2012 10:07 AM

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REPLY TO: "Hi all...I live in australia and had the above surgery in jan 2010. Its been 5 months now and i still have difficulty in walking nornally....."

I had both of my knees done with this procedure this year, I wasnt made to weight bear straight away but as soon as I could I did because the brace caused pain when I couldnt move my knee about, I was prone to cramps.I dont have any of the symptoms you are describing.
I hope you didnt start physio straight away and that you let the screw and the relocated bone fragment (which the tendon is attached to) set. If they moved while setting, this could be very problematic, and all your work recovering may have been undone. The setting stage for me was the first 6 weeks, All I was allowed to do was start walking again, slowly... and no baring weight on a bent leg AT ALL. Then I got the okay to start physio.
When you have the procedure your muscles "go to sleep" as my doc said, and when you start to heal you have to retrain your muscles and it can take years, you physio may have been teaching you the wrong excersises, unlikely but possible. Because your retraining your muscles, long periods of walking will be painful in both the joint and the muscles, It can take years to be completely pain free, you just have to work at it.
If your experiencing extreme stiffness and soreness still, ask your doctor about it and if they dont give you a real response, seek out another doctor who specialises in bones and muscles and how they work together, It may be a matter of retraining the way you walk once again.
What you considered normal life before might take a while to regain.

I hope that one of my answers is enough to help.
I also hope your pains work themselves out as soon as possible.

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 06/27/2010 06:56 PM

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Hi all...I live in australia and had the above surgery in jan 2010. Its been 5 months now and i still have difficulty in walking nornally. My operation on the right knee was due to the kneecap turning inwards about 21 degres. I was made to weight bear immediately post op as opposed to others having a knee brace. dont know if this was such a good thing! I had intensive physio for 3 months, however i still have knee and leg pain after 4 hours of walking. I find i have trouble walking normally. i feel i am using the muscles at the back of the leg and my kneecap seems to straighten as if there is no control over it. I walk on my heel with my foot flat on the floor. there seems to be no roll in the ankle or foot. I cant get rid of limp no matter how hard i try to walk normally. Has anyone else had any problems after this type of surgery? I am a very fit 50 yr old lady, that was very active before i had the knee problem. I used to love walking and running but that seems to be all behind me now. I am finding it hard to cope mentally with this affliction as i cant see any improvement in the near future. i have been back to my ortho several times and explained the problems i am having, he has offered no other solution but to keep excercising the leg. I had the tibial screws removed after 4 months and that has helped the discomfort in the leg. i would love to hear from anyone who is experiencing the same problems i am having and maybe suggest something i can do to start leading a normal life again.

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