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Topic Title: Posterolateral Corner Instability
Created On: 07/25/2004 03:19 PM
 03/27/2018 08:19 AM

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<p>I had a special shoe need for my mom's diabetic feet. I was able to remove the innersoles and replace them with the ones from the podiatrist. Orthofeet the only shoes I could find that would provide support and allow for the straps to still wrap around over the thicker innersole. I still had to take them to the shoe repairman to have the Velcro moved, but he was able to customize them for a more secure fit. Great shoe for this particular need.</p>
 11/05/2004 12:14 PM

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Thanks, for replying. The way I have been dealing with my posterolateral corner instability is to avoid sports that require cutting. I jog about 9 miles a week and cycle about 45 miles per week. I occasionally (during running or cycling) will feel a twinge of pain on the medial side of my knee, which the doctor said is due to me overpronating. I wonder if my knee injury has contributed to the overpronation. I have no knee swelling and no chronic knee pain and my knee never gives out on me. My knee x-rays showed good joint space for a 44 year old. I just hope that this instability will not set me up for arthritis in the future. Have any of your doctors told you that you are at a greater risk for arthritis?
 10/31/2004 02:30 PM

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I have heard of posterolateral corner instability because I too have that diagnosis (I have had it get progrssively worse over 6-8 yrs). It can be a very frustrating dealing with this, often gets dismissed by doctors because it is not a real common problem nor is it easy problem to fix. I had been shuffled around for numerous years (which was extremely frustrating considering I am an orthopedic physical therapist)playing the waiting game, being sent to another Dr., etc. In January I finally got some help- they did a high tibial osteotomy (HTO). HTO was used to change my alignment to minimize some of the instability. Now I am almost 10 months out from surgery- It has helped some but I am still struggling with pain and instability with most of my recreational activities like hiking, tennis, skiing, etc. I am again playing the waiting game to see if reconstruction/tightening up of the posterolateral corner will help. I hope this helps you some. Let me know if I can help you out.
 07/25/2004 03:19 PM

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I have just been diagnosed with Posterolateral Corner Instability. Surgery is not an option as it is an old injury (10 years old). It was recommended that I wear arch support insoles when I jog and to strenghten my quads. The Doctor did not mention any damage to other ligaments. Has anyone ever heard of this? What is the prognosis?


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