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Topic Title: Post-surgury help
Created On: 12/16/2010 03:23 PM

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 01/23/2016 11:29 AM

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 Sounds like you had what I have...a meniscal root tear, VERY different condition than a torn meniscus. I am so sorry you have so much pain after going through surgery. Am also wondering why your doc did not write an order for PT. I must begin PT on my first day post-op that will continue for several months. Maybe you want to see someone who specializes in meniscus and meniscal root injuries. I wish you well.

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 12/17/2010 10:11 AM

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Hi SuicideJack,

Your meniscus repair / knee problems sound pretty awful - hopefully the "suicide" in your screen name isn't a reflection of how you're feeling! Hope not because here's light at the end of tunnel. It's always a good idea to get a second opinion on surgery and I think that you have that right if you don't agree w/ your PPD. However, first research your second opinion surgeon carefully. Often very important in the case of meniscus surgery as this post shows. It's complicated surgery as you can see from this video and a lot of people on this board have had mixed results with surgery.

As far as the Worker's Comp. Issues, it seems that your union is giving you good advice although I have limited personal experience w/ WC. You should really read the documents closely- they might be requiring you to fully release them prior to cashing the check. This resource on PPD/WC might help you.

Good luck, hope that you get some peace in this Holiday Season... NYAGP

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 12/16/2010 03:23 PM

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Hi, I had a meniscus repair surgury done on my right knee through work comp a little over a year ago. My knee didn't feel much different after six months and my doc said it would take a year to find out where I am truly at with it (I was never given physical thereapy). Now, a year later, the knee feels much the same and my doctor has told me I may need to give it some 2-5 years, depending. The symptoms I have are mainly instability to a small degree, the knee will pop or hang up occasionally, more or less dull pains from time to time either from some position I got myself in or just an ache while doing nothing, soreness after strenuous work, and if I push on the inside of my knee with my finger on a certain spot it feels like pushing on a pretty good bruise.
I recieved a PPD (permanent partial disability) check in the mail the other day that said I have a 3% disability. I'm assuming this is to release work comp of any further financial burden. Now that I've dispensed with the backstory, my questions are these:
Is my doctor correct in that I haven't given this enough time and that my knee will substantially improve over the next year or more? My union has urged me to not cash this check and seek a second opinion. My concern is that my doctor originally told me one year and then now has backed up to say 2-5 years. Does anyone have any expirience with the time frame it actually takes this thing to heal? Are my symptoms normal for post-op? The bruise feeling concerns me mostly. Has anyone dealt with these PPD checks and what does this actually mean?

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