Can't bend my knee

Topic Title: Can't bend my knee
Created On: 11/05/2007 06:17 PM

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 11/05/2007 06:17 PM

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Hello this is my first post and I'm not sure which forum this would apply to.I recently injured my knee 2 weeks ago playing soccer. I was running and I felt my lower leg twist outward below the knee. I went to the emergency room and was unable to straighten my knee without pain. The doctors said that it was likely a twisted or torn ACL. After they left the nurse was putting my leg into a knee-brace and she had to force the leg to straighten, it hurt to lay it straight then I heard a pop causing my lower leg to twitch and it didn't hurt anymore. I asked her if they should call the doctors back in (since they asked me several times if I heard a pop when I injured the knee) but the nurse just handed me a pair of crutches and sent me on my way.Since I wasn't in much chronic pain anymore I didn't think much of it, but I haven't been able to bend my knee since the 'pop'. At first I thought it was because my knee was swollen but the swelling has gone down and I still can't bend it. I suppose what's odd is that not only can I not bend my knee but if a third person were to try and bend or move it, it still won't move.Has anyone ever had any similar problems? I was referred to an orthopedic surgeon but I live in an underserviced area so it'll be a month before I can see him. In the meantime I have no idea what's wrong or if I should be doing anything like exercises, etc. to help make it better.
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