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No New Messages Patellafemoral pain because of job. (Any recommendations?) 1 Brii1920 03/21/2017 06:41 PM
by Brii1920
No New Messages patellofemoral syndrome 2 imani 11/18/2013 01:38 AM
by alex.blajevski
No New Messages Lateral Patellofemoral Compression Syndrome 4 amy1989 01/17/2013 03:21 PM
by fclementz
No New Messages Just Wondering 3 bmt03 06/12/2012 04:54 PM
by bmt03
No New Messages fulkerson procedure )PLS HELP) 18 porshe1025 07/12/2010 04:55 PM
by jclaflin
No New Messages The Chiropractor ... maybe synvisc 5 rmg_cg66 05/28/2009 09:15 AM
by Cathy23
No New Messages Lateral release surgery 27 John11192 05/19/2009 04:13 PM
by DixieChick
No New Messages Third Knee surgery-PCL recon 1 darcy32171 03/19/2009 05:29 PM
by darcy32171
No New Messages dislocated patella 1 drillerstan 07/01/2008 01:03 PM
by drillerstan
No New Messages patellofemoral disorder 5 DESIGN123 06/21/2008 06:55 AM
by andi91


Does Creatine cause Hair Loss?
By singhnri123
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5 days post op ACL surgery - strange horrible pain
By dadoody

Posted: Jul 16, 2018
I'm 12 years post op, but I remember that pain. I stretched out the percocet and vicodin for about 1 or 1.5 weeks I think. It prevented pain, but I couldn't poop for a week.  Maybe they can ...

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Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Knee
Rheumatoid arthritis can cause joint swelling, stiffness, pain, and inflammation. ...
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Dr. Robert Klapper

Dr. Robert Klapper:

Preventing Knee Surgery
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