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Topic Title: 1 yr. Post-Op Softball Player
Created On: 11/10/2011 04:01 PM
 12/09/2013 02:47 PM

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<p>What if you added actual weightlifting exercises instead of just bodyweight exercises? They're really good for strengthening the muscles around the knees, and can help to reduce the strain placed directly on the knees. There's more control with weights than with exercises like climbing a ladder or jumping rope.</p>
<p>Lunges are great, but one of the best is the Leg Press. It builds the thigh muscles nicely, and works out the glutes as well. Try Squats, but don't let her go too deep into the squat, as that could just hurt her worse.</p>
<p>I'd look into using weightlifting and bodybuilding to help her get back in shape. Consult with a PT or a CPT...</p>
 11/10/2011 04:01 PM

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I am a competitve coach for an 18U fastpitch softball team. We are getting ready to head inside for the winter. We will be doing LOTS of conditioning to get into shape. I have a girl on my team that had ACL reconstruction about a year ago. It still bothers her causing her great discomfort after we do alot of our running drills outdoors. I would like to come up with a specialized conditioning program for her to do that not only strengthens her knee but gets her some good cardio as well. I'm a P90X girl so I was planning on having her do the Plyomentrics DVD as well as lots of box jumps, lunges, jump rope, etc. I also have an agility ladder that I will have her do drills on as well. We will be conditioning 1 hour at a time, 2 days a week so I need lots more ideas in order to keep it interesting for her. Does anyone have ANY other drills that she can do? Also, any feedback on what I plan to have her do would be appreciated. I'm familiar with rehab (2 shoulder surgeries of my own), but I have NO clue about rehabbing a knee injury. Thanks.


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