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Topic Title: post mpfl tto surgery....crutches stairs and slopes issue
Created On: 09/11/2016 05:11 AM
 09/11/2016 05:11 AM

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<p>&#160;Hi, im 10 weeks post mpfl and tto i have a few issues and any tips tricks would be appreciated.</p>
<p>Issue 1</p>
<p>I am still using crutches! I can walk around on flat surfaces at home without any in certain places. So i hit the linoleum in the kitchen and am grabbing at things to hold.i often feel like i baulk at the next step and then start taking shuffling steps wondering if my knee/leg will follow.</p>
<p>I feel really silly! When in public i am still on on 2 canadian crutches as when i use one i stall and cant seem to work my legs. I am looking at floor surfaces and wondering how slippery they may be.</p>
<p>Issue 2</p>
<p>When i get to a downhill slope i feel like my bad knee isnt going to bend without giving way. I have 115deg rom at present &#160;riding stationery bike quite ok.</p>
<p>Issue 3</p>
<p>Stairs...wondering if physio says no more crutches this week ...which he mentioned last do u manage up and down stairs when i currently need to hold railing to go up and down. There are alot of places that have steps without railings.</p>
<p>I feel i have come a long way since surgery i was in locked brace for 6 weeks and physio started at week 7. Physio has indicated i have no vmo and quads are asleep. I have followed all physio exercises he is happy surgeon is happy i just feel like i am missing minute i am saying to myself it all in my head and then i look at my thighs together and there is obvious muscle wasting...</p>
<p>Please hit me with ur experiences and thoughts, thanks heaps xx</p>


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