Meniscis Replacement?

Topic Title: Meniscis Replacement?
Created On: 02/12/2002 03:37 PM

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 02/12/2002 03:37 PM

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I am a 39 year old male with a 'bum' left knee. I am healthy otherwise. Hitory: Partially torn ACL at 18. No corrective action taken. Torn meniscus at 27. Removed damaged portion via scope. Torn meniscus at 38. Removed two large tears and 'shaved' the articular cartiledge. The doctor said I have mostly grade 2 chrondromalisa (spelling?)with some grade 3 and one spot of grade 4. My ACL is 40% there. I wanted an ACL reconstruction then but the doctor said it was strong enough (I don't agree). Synvisc injections at 39. Gave relief and increased mobility. However, I don't see Synvisc as a solution. Questions: I am very active in basketball (2-3 times a week) and weight training/cardio six days a week. I am wondering if, given the above information, I am a valid candidate for a meniscus replacement (with a concurrent ACL replacement)? Would it really benefit my knee? Would it work in an active person (given the proper rehab)? Thank you very much.
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