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Topic Title: Rheumatoid Arthirisis related tp Psoriasis
Created On: 11/28/2000 09:58 AM
 01/14/2015 06:40 AM

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<p> I think it would be best if you take rest for some days and get your knee pain problems resolved.Or please talk to your GP about the problem.he would give you the best advice.</p>
 03/02/2014 08:26 PM

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<p>plus, It is herbal treatment, and does not have side effects, and there is no reoccurance. I really like to tell this good news to whoever that has same problems with me, the treatment is very safe, if you want to know more information,please go to visit their website:vitiligotcm.</p>
 02/24/2014 02:23 AM

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<p>I suffered from psoriasis too, but I was cured now. It was bad, and makes me very unhappy. I live in China. Here we use Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat skin problems, I went to many hospitals like this and tried many different treatments, but the effect is not very good until I went to a hospital in the North of China. It works, and now I am a happy person again, I am glad to share this with you, you may not able to go there, but you can talk to their doctors for advice. you can find more information on the website of vitiligotcm.</p>
 11/28/2000 09:58 AM

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Iam a 35 year old female.Three months ago I was hospitalised with Pneumonia. During my hspital stay I twisted my right knee slightly whilst bending down. Once I left the hospital the knee got worse everyday and was very inflammable. A week later the left knee started but has never been as bad as the right knee. X-rays and a magnetic scan showed to bone or cartilage damage. they have sine done extensive blood and urine tests as well as tests on the fluid of both knees. Everything has came out negative. By a process of elimination the doctor decided it was Rheumatoid Arthritis brought on by a familt gene because my brother suffers from Psoriasis. He then injected both knees three months later with an injection of cortizone derivative after Indometicina anti-inflammatory tablets proved useless. I have been told to do no exercise and rest however this is impossible as a single working mother. There has been an improvement since the injections yesterday however will this reoccur Any thoughts or advise?


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